Eyes Tips

If you want to get the cream eyeshadow look, simply use Vaseline……just put on over your eyeshadow and mix in. A perfect party look!

Don’t use ice to numb the eyebrow area when tweezing.

When you’ve bought the best shimmering shadow for night and you don’t want to go overboard on the lipstick, try this: Mix a little of the shadow with a clear balm and apply sparingly over your usual neutral lip shade That way, your lips will shimmer just like your eyes!

My coolest trick is to apply a light coat of red lipstick ALL around the eye as it works great as a concealer to cover undereye circles and you can also duplicate the look for fall by Fred Farrugia in his Lancome Rouge collection.The red used must be a true red for better results.To stop creasing at the end of the day..pat on some translucent powder to set and lots of glitter and you now have the latest look!

Eyes Tips Eyes Tips


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Lipstick For Beauty

When I run out of lipstick or lip gloss, I grab some chap stick, and put it on. Then, I find one of my favorite shades or eyeshadow and place some over my lips. The color stays on great and looks fabulous!

Ever wanted to liven up a dull lipstick job? Just take your concealer stick and apply on the inner bottom and inner top of your lips to make a frosty look..best match a brown tone.

I take and crumble any iridescent eye shadow and add a little Vaseline. It makes a cool shimmery lipgloss!

When you find your favorite lipstick mush because you left it in your 100 degree plus car all afternoon, don’t despair. You will be able to save some of it. Put the lipstick in the freezer for a few hours. You will be able to reshape with your fingers after it has harden.

If a lipstick breaks, put the broken part into a small container (like the container a sample of cream came in), then heat the container in the microwave. The lipstick will melt into the container, then it will harden again, and you will still be able to use your broken lipstick.

lipstick for beauty Lipstick For Beauty


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Fall Makeup Tips

You heard it here first. Makeup is experiencing a new shift. A change in textures, new colors and a whole different look is coming your way. And it’s all starting with the Fall Trends for 2012. Are you ready for a change?

What’s New for Fall 2012:

1. Matte Skin
For fall skin has taken a more matte finish but is still natural in look. Dewy, shiny, glowy skin is fading out, and to achieve the new matte look, just apply your liquid foundation as usual, with a soft dusting of powder on top. Loose Powder is perfect for this and gives just the right look of touchable matte skin. Or touch on a shine mattifier on the t-zone on top of foundation or on bare skin. The look is matter skin that’s natural looking, but not packed on with
foundation or caked with powder.

2. Softer Blush
Blush is slowly fading out…you’ll see less bright shades, with more of a realism in color than ever before. Strong flushed cheeks are becoming softer, with tones in soft rose and beiges being the perfect cheek tones for fall. There’s also a new placement, with blush being applied as a very natural flush on the tops of the cheeks as opposed to the apples of the cheeks. Just start application at the tops of the cheekbones and work towards the apple. Another new way of blush is a return to the 70′s “c” look. Take your blush and apply on the tops of cheekbones and then up
towards the temple, doing a half circle around your eye.

Fall Makeup Fall Makeup Tips


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Skin Care Tips

We are often asked if Emu oil will make stretch marks disappear. Some folks have told us their stretch marks have drastically improved by using pure Emu oil. We cannot guarantee your stretch marks will go away….it depends on the age of the marks, etc. It may help with discoloration, but it all depends on your body chemistry. If you are pregnant and wanting to help reduce the onset or expansion of stretch marks, we would recommend apply emu oil to any suspect areas as preventive maintenance – 3 times a day.

Some folks have reported a reduction in age spots with our emu oil products. We had one customer tell us she had moles removed from her face and immediately began putting pure emu oil on the wound. When she went back to the Dr. for her check-up, he could not believe how well healed her incisions were. Likewise, this customer reported no scarring appeared on her face after it was completely healed.

Skin Care Tips Skin Care Tips


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Makeup Guideline

If you blush looks good before anything other color makeup is applied, you have the right amount on.

The hardest thing to applying blush is getting the right amount on. Time is wasted in taking off, erasing, or putting more blush on. And if your blush is going on streaky,it’s never the product’s fault. It’s usually in the type of application that is being used.

Guidelines:  The only area that you can apply blush is from (going from the top down): at the arch of the eyebrow, around the temple, to the middle of the eye. Anywhere within this guideline works for blush.

Remember: Blush can really only go so far………some more guidelines to apply blush is:

  • not beyond the arch of the eyebrow when going around your temple (it’ll make you look like you have a dirty forehead) If applied past these 3 guidelines, blush just looks ‘off’.
  • not pass the middle of the eye – towards your nose (you’ll look sunburned, unless that’s the look you’re going for)
  • not below the bottom of the nose (you’ll look cold)

makeup guideline1 Makeup Guideline


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Beauty Makeup Foundation

To find a perfect foundation color match, apply a small dab of foundation to the side of your jaw line. Blend upwards, and see how many strokes it takes for the edges of the foundation to disappear into the skin. Just the edges. Make sure that the amount is small. If you apply a large amount, it’ll take forever for it to blend in, thus giving you a false reading. If it disappears in 2-3 strokes, you’ve got the perfect match. Any more than that, keep looking. Next, look at your skin type. Rather than throwing away all your foundations that don’t work, try customizing them to work for you.

For foundations that are too greasy/oily/shiny:

Mix 1 tsp of loose powder into your bottle of foundation. The powder will soak up oil, and give you a slightly thicker foundation, but also, less oily as well.

For foundations that are too drying:

  • Mix in a drop of moisturizer or sunscreen per application.

Makeup Foundation Tips Beauty Makeup Foundation


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Finding The Best Quality Makeup Brush

No makeup application is perfect without the use of tools and makeup brushes. So before we start applying, here are a few tips on how to find the most perfect Makeup Brush.

Finding The Best Quality Makeup Brush

When looking for a makeup brush, make sure it passes this criteria before spending your money.

First of all, make sure the brush is not made out of synthetic or man made hair. You can tell by the super glossy surface of the hairs, and the slight coarseness of the feel of the bristles. Synthetic hairs also have the tendency to get stiffer with use, not softer…so save your face by getting only the softest bristles in sable,goat, pony or squirrel, or a combination of these. It’s more money to start off with, but you’ll be rewarded with a makeup brush that will last your whole lifetime.

What is a good Makeup Brush?

The best on the market are brushes that are made up of a variety of hairs….not just one. These feel the softest and last the longest. Want the softest brushes around? Squirrel hair is the softest you’ll find. Want durability in a brush? Try Sable hair that will last a lifetime. Need a brush to hold creams and concealers without soaking up the product? Try Taklon bristles, a cream colored hair that is strong enough to move the product around without absorbing it.

Best Quality Makeup Brush Finding The Best Quality Makeup Brush [...]

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Guideline of Makeup Color

The Opposite Color Theory is one of the strongest theories that I use when doing makeup. And I find that it is one of the least known by women across the country. This theory alone can simplify makeup techniques like you wouldn’t believe. The concept is, that by applying the theory of the color wheel to makeup colors, you can visually enhance or subdue a color, skin tone or discoloration on your skin. You can then hide skin discolorations, enhance the color of your eyes, intensify the color of your wardrobe, all just by applying the correct Opposite Color Theory.

The Opposite Color Theory works by applying the opposite color that is directly across from the other on the color wheel.

The opposite colors are:




When putting two Opposite Colors on TOP of each other, you can subdue, soften, even hide a color.

When applying an Opposite Color NEXT to each other, you enhance, bring out, and brighten a color.

Follow this guideline to determine which colors you would use where on your skin.

makeup guideline Guideline of Makeup Color


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The Perfect Eyebrow Guidelines

LINE A: First, we will determine the actual line of your eyebrow. This is very important to do before you tweeze your eyebrows. First draw a line following the line of your eyebrow, from beginning to end. Is the line round, like a 1/2 circle, or straight?

LINE 1. To determine where the eyebrow should begin, draw a straight line from the edge of the nose, through the tear duct, straight up. This line shows where your eyebrow should start. If your eyes are close-set, start this line a little further out, to give the illusion of more space between the eyes.

LINE 2. This line starts from the edge of the nose, to the outer edge of the eye, straight up. Your eyebrow should end on that line. An eyebrow that goes beyond this line tends to make you look sleepy, tired, pulling the eye downwards.

LINE 3. Start a straight line at the outside edge of the pupil, straight up through the eye. This is where the highest arch of the eyebrow should be.

eyebrows guideine The Perfect Eyebrow Guidelines


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Aromatic Treatments

Providing good treatments can be compared to creating a fine dining experience. Begin by creating the perfect setting: a clean, pristine, temperate, candlelit treatment room is ideal. Offer the most divine therapies achieved through aromatherapy in which aromatic essential oils from herbs, flowers, fruit and plants are used as active, functional ingredients. Aromatherapy, used throughout the following treatments, dates back to ancient times when it was used for medicinal purposes and was considered necessary for relaxation and tranquility. Its mainstay to date is used for the exact same purposes.

The spa menu should incorporate treatments that include soaking, cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, massaging and hydrating the body. In taking care of all body needs the spa maximizes services to a client and increases revenue potential.

The majority of soaking treatments come in the form of hydrotherapy, the therapeutic use of water. Aromatherapy can heighten the psychological effects of hydrotherapy, providing additional soothing effects for the client.

Aromatic Treatments1 Aromatic Treatments

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