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Eye Make-up – How To Apply

Never be trapped by the color of your eyes and think that you can only wear a matching eye shadow color. It isn’t true that if you have blue eyes you must use blue, green eyes green shadow. Nothing can look prettier than the right shade of golden brown shadow with blue eyes. The contrast makes them look bluer than ever. Try it!

Have a wardrobe of eye colors. After all, you wouldn’t dream of wearing the same clothes every day no matter what the color of your eyes, so, why wear the same eye shadow color all the time?

During the day try and keep to the more muted colors and then in the evening make a real fashion statement about your face by making marvelous eyes.

Remember, blues and greens are not natural,they stand out. Earth colors such as terracotta, brown, mushroom and grey are much softer and they emphasize the eye in a very subtle way.

47 Eye Make up   How To Apply

There are shadows, highlighters, eyeliners, mascaras and various pencils for shadowing, for brows, and lining the inner eye-lid. The choice is enormous but if you want a really super eye make-up that will last through your day, there are a few basic rules to remember.

Cream, liquid, pencil and tube eye shadows should all be applied after foundation but before powdering. Apart from pencils, apply the color with a brush all the way to the roots of the lashes. Blend it over the lid or wherever it suits you, and fade away the edges with a brush or your fingertip. Carry a little of the color around the outer corner of our eye. Set the make-up with powder.

* Soften pencils with a little foundation dotted on the back of your hand, to stop them pulling the skin and make them go on smoothly.

After powdering your face apply these colors in the same way as other eye shadows using their applicators or a brush, over the lid, in the socket, or wherever your choose.

Powder eye shadow can make the skin look crepey, so be sparing.

Use the point of a well sharpened pencil to define your eyebrows if they’re sparse, drawing little lines like hairs, rather than one long line. Soften the lines by brushing the whole brow over with a clean eyelash brush. Choose a color that’s the same as the color of your brow hairs for the most natural effect.

* If your brows are thick enough, but light in color, use a little brown mascara to darken them instead of a pencil. It gives a lovely soft effect. Brush on the color in the opposite direction to which the hairs grow and then, with a clean brush smooth them into shape when quite dry.


Water soluble cake liner is the easiest to use. Draw a very fine line with a pointed brush from the inner corner to the outer corner of your upper eyelid and, using a damp brush, soften the line by smoothing the edges gently.

66 Eye Make up   How To Apply

* Don’t draw “flick-ups” at the end of the line — they look old-fashioned. Do make sure you apply the liner right to the base of the lashes.

Whatever you choose, whether it’s a water soluble cake type or a spiral brushed wand, you must give yourself time to apply it properly.

Look down into a mirror held at chin level and stroke the brush over the tops of your lashes. Then, keeping the-mirror where it is, brush the lashes from-root to tip, pushing them up to encourage them to curl. To mascara the lower lashes, keep your chin down and hold the mirror up, so that you have to look up into it, and them brush the lower lashes with mascara.

* If your lashes are rather thin, fluff on a coat of powder before your first layer of mascara is quite dry, and then apply the next coat. The powder “builds up” the lashes and makes them look thicker.

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