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Beauty Q&A: Frizzy Hair

Q. I’m getting married in July in Houston. The problem is that my hair is really wavy and tends to frizz when it’s humid. How can I keep my hair under control. I’d like to blow it out and wear it straight but I’m afraid the second I step outside it’ll explode into an unruly [...]

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Popular Haircuts For Women

There are popular haircuts for women who don’t want their hair to be long and a hassle to deal with but also don’t feel comfortable with their hair being too short. Fall is a good time to try out a new hairstyle in general, as the weather is growing colder which allows you to hide [...]

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Excessive Hair Loss in Women

There is a saying “The hair is a women’s crown” and based on this many women fret when they start to lose their hair even if it was a strain or two – what more to say when excessive hair loss in women occurs. Although it seems unbelievable but yet it is true and profound [...]

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Causes of Hair Loss for Men

It is natural for anyone to shed some hair each day as part of the normal, natural cycle of hair growth. However, some men may experience hair loss at a much higher rate than normal, resulting in thinning hair and baldness. There are a number of causes of hair loss for men. Fungal Infection Fungal [...]

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Best Ways to Take Care of Your Hair

Taking Care of Your Dyed Hair. The best way to take care of hair for Men and women who dye their hair for a variety of reasons such as looking younger or changing their look. Maintaining the color you’ve achieved takes some attention. Use the following tips for protecting your dyed hair. Washing Your Hair [...]

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Prom Hairstyles

For almost every teenager, prom is an incredibly special time in young-adult life. Most times, girls are looking forward to dancing with their sweetheart and if not, they are anxiously awaiting to be asked by the perfect guy. Prom is the time when teens can finally replace jeans and sweatshirts with a beautiful, elegant prom [...]

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Shag Hairstyles

 The Shag Haircut is generally short, layered, with more layers at the crown of the head than below. Bangs are optional and can be pushed off the face with the use of the right styling substances. This hairstyle can look very simple but it should be taken utmost care that each and every hair strand [...]

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Long Hair Care Tips

Long, black and shiny hairs are a valuable asset that every girl dies for. Long hairs are very difficult to maintain and there are various causes that damage hair like pollution, weather conditions, nutritional deficiency, harmful chemicals, improper use of styling tools like hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons etc. Long hair provides a carefree [...]

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Double Chin Women Hairstyles

Many people have a double chin, and want to get rid of it. They try different ways to get rid of it, which may or may not work. But until then, there is a great way to take people’s attention away from the chin and camouflage it, and that is choosing the right type of [...]

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Summer Haircare Tips For Men

Summer means more time spent outside which can lead to dull, coarse, and brittle hair, Whether you are in the garden, beach, or pool, your hair will need some help handling the hot temperatures and intense sunlight of the season. Fortunately, a few simple steps can keep your tresses looking their best. One of the [...]

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