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How To Apply Makeup

In today’s world, everybody is worried about how they look. However, looking great doesn’t have to take too much time or effort. All you have to do is know what you’re doing. Determine what type of skin you have: oily, combination, perfectly moisturized, dry, etc. Many cosmetic counters have someone there that can do a [...]

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How to Apply Glitter Eye Makeup

Glitter Eye Makeup is the kind of makeup that help to give you a more femininity look and make you much attractive for others.Here we will do this in few easy steps. Start with clean dry face. Apply foundation and eye primer before applying glitter. If using solid glue, use a makeup applicator or Qtip [...]

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Choosing The Best Makeup Colors

Finding ideal makeup colors to match your complexion and skin tone allows you to conceal blemishes and smooth the overall appearance of your skin with ease. Using colors that complement your skin tone will also help with showing off and highlighting your other features, including your lips and eyes. When shopping for new makeup for [...]

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How To Remove Eye Makeup

Eye makeup remover easily and gently remove eye makeup. This is not only good for your eyes, but for the future of your eyes. Rubbing your eyes can break down the skin’s layers causing early aging, so do what you can to be gentle around your eyes. Until you can get to the department store [...]

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Makeup Tips For Face Acne

When you have pimples on face, the skin is very sensitive so using harsh chemicals as makeup will affect the skin even badly. Without makeup, your the skin is no better but looks dull, messy and unclear. If you want to go to a party and are desparate to hide all the blemishes and spots [...]

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Makeup Tips For Double Chin

A double chin is an extra layer of fat or loose skin beneath the chin. Although overweight or elderly people are most likely to have double chins, genetics can also cause them. You don’t have to go on a crash diet or get cosmetic surgery to get rid of a double chin. Keep Your Neckline [...]

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Types Of Makeup Foundations

Foundation can be the most important part of your makeup routine. There are many options available, and it really is a personal choice deciding which one is the right one for you. Liquid Foundation The basic property of easy application makes liquid foundations a popular choice among the women folk. Being lightweight, these foundations blend [...]

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Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Eyebrows give a definition to the face and groom them to making it look cleaner and more beautiful. They have the ability to make your eyes appear larger and more expressive. A natural eyebrow look can be achieved by using brow colors with the help of a short brush with stiff bristles. Heavy brows add [...]

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Makeup Tips For Men

Women have traditionally been the beneficiaries of makeup, but in today’s world, more men are beginning to discover the benefits of wearing it. Foundation is always ‘in’! Men who do not have beards can use a basic foundation to hide pimples or scars on the surface of their face or even neck. If you are [...]

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Lips Makeup Tips

If you are a regular user of lipstick or lip gloss. Then make sure to use a branded lipstick or lip gloss which contains herbal and natural moisturizer to maintain your lips skin and shine. Shape of the lips enhance your lips beauty and attraction and add a nice and glamorous flair to your face. [...]

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