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Celebrity Makeup

The model way to make up Valeska is one of Australia’s top models. Born in Holland, she now runs a small boutique in Cronulla. There is a lot we can all learn from a master of make-up. Of course the idea is not to copy Valeska’s make-up exactly. But we can learn how crucial it [...]

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New Makeup

Day makeup When you make up your eyes, you add colour and emphasis to the most fascinating  part of  your face. It’s a  thrilling  discovery — try it! All eye make-up begins with a light covering of base over the eye area and finishes with a cotton bud to blend strong colours to subtle shades [...]

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Makeup Tutorial

Night Makeup The night sparks off opportunities for more extravagant make-up, and on this page, all eye make-up began with a fine line of black pencil along the lower lid, for emphasis. Then a line of black kohl was applied along the inside rim of the lower eyelid. Whites of the eyes look even clearer [...]

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Spring/Summer Make up Trends 2012

Spring/Summer Make up trends 2012 are just out. Make-up play a vital role in describing your personality. Make up trends 2012 are just prevailing around. Make up vary from season to season and time to time. Make up is a prominent part of fashion and make up artists are doing fantastic job in this context. [...]

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10 Best Makeup Tips For You In Summer

In the summer time, it becomes essential to take care of yourself even more than the rest of the year. Especially taking care of the skin on a regular basis seems to be a hard work on its own. But these are some of the basic things that one should keep in mind while getting [...]

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Makeup Tips: looks famous

The famous actor Scarlet Johansson is characterized by a sweet look and very bright thanks to his clear eyes. However, not only because of that, her makeup tricks they do much: it combines with a thin black line on light, illuminating, though never entirely white since it is too exaggerated. Finally, use another makeup tricks: [...]

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The best makeup for heart shaped faces

This month’s Top Tips are a little different. These tips (hopefully) are a life long guide to looking good, no matter what age, what skin tone and type, what season or looking you’re going for

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