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Celebrity Makeup

The model way to make up

Valeska is one of Australia’s top models. Born in Holland, she now runs a small boutique in Cronulla. There is a lot we can all learn from a master of make-up. Of course the idea is not to copy Valeska’s make-up exactly. But we can learn how crucial it is that a good make-up begins with foundation and is built up, piece by piece, right up to the final touch, lip color. Valeska’s full make-up takes about an hour. To simplify it for a normal day make-up she skips foundation and puts on concealing cream (over dark spots) then contours her face with blusher. She concentrates most on eye make-up, using an eye pencil and shadow to outline, then color, eyes. Lips are always colored.

33 Celebrity Makeup
Valeska’s bare face. Her first step is to conceal a slight discoloration under her eyes, the lines each side of her mouth. She does this with a heavy base or concealer stick on the spots.

She next puts on a base make-up, one shade lighter than her own skin color. She prefers to use her fingers, putting the color across the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, patting in.

Now she presses in loose translucent powder. This is best put on with fresh cotton wool each time. When the powder is pressed in she dusts excess off the face with more cotton wool.

Eyes are highlighted with a light powder (Valeska used white) on the lids and outer brow bone area. This de-emphasizes her deep-set eyes. Normal eyes don’t need a highlighter along lid.

A line of dark blue kohl goes along the inside rim and heavily in a triangle at the eye edge. When drawn, Valeska uses her third finger to blend the colors outwards at eye corners.

Now a dusty blue shadow goes over the pencil to achieve a subtle color and make the eyes look very soft, in spite of her using quite a lot of make-up. Her final look is now emerging.

Eyebrows go on. Valeska uses a brown pencil to thicken and darken her own naturally fair eyebrows.

Black mascara goes on — two coats in all. When this dries, lashes are separated gently with a fine lash comb.

Valeska puts on blusher towards the end of her make-up. This way she can sit back, look at her eye make-up, then decide where to place the blusher. Here, it goes above cheekbones.

STEP 10.
Red lipstick, carefully following the natural line of lips is put on with lip brush. It is coated with a line of Vaseline for super sheen. And (right) the perfectly stunning finished effect.

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