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Common Makeup Mistakes

You’ve put on too much foundation. Too much foundation can give you a fake or chalky appearance. A good way to avoid this is to start with very thin layers of foundation and apply more as necessary. Avoid gooping it on. Try to keep the foundation thin around the eye area. If you get too much on and can’t blend it to other areas of the face because you’ve already fully applied, just take a clean sponge and sponge downwards on your face to remove excess makeup.

Too much Eye shadow. Today many women end up adding too much eye shadow to their faces. When you start adding eye shadow you need to have a small line across your eye lid. Women tend to add more all over and that is what makes their makeup look bad. You should not overdue your eye shadow especially if you have a color that does not suit you.

Wrong color. When you start applying makeup remember one key thing and that is making sure that you wear the right colors. There are so many women that make this common mistake every day, because they try and match their clothing or they do not know what colors look good on them.

Too much Eye shadow. Common Makeup Mistakes

Too much blush. The magic of blush is obvious, it is fast fix beauty. It warms up the skin, contours the cheeks, exaggerates an attractive hollow and ideally creates a glow on your face that looks like it comes from within. Never judge blush just by looking at it, it comes in different shades and textures. The right colour will look natural and the wrong colour will stand out. Test it on the inside of your forearm if you’re already wearing makeup to make sure you get a suitable colour.

Too much blush Common Makeup Mistakes

Dark Lipliner. Usually paired with a lighter lipstick is just a bizarre look. I had a friend who loved to pair a dark chocolate brown liner with a very pale beige lip color. I tried and tried to talk her into trying a different lip look, but she was hooked on this beauty blunder.  Try a lip liner in a neutral shade almost the color of your natural lip.

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