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Evening Eye Makeup Tips

When evening calls for a glamorous look, you want to focus on making your eyes amazing. Here are some simple steps to evening eye makeup

Things You’ll Need:

* Concealer
* Foundation
* Eye Pencils
* Mascara
* Tissue Paper

  • Every nine of ten people have a dark circles under their eyes. They can be caused by allergies, exposing to the sun, heritage or not enough time for sleeping. The easiest and cheapest way to hide them is to use foundation or concealer. Some professionals recommend putting them slowly with circulated movements from the chin up to the forehead. Thus the down on the face will be hidden.
  • For permanent eye make- up, it is appropriate to use eye base. It will help you to get rid of the greasy effect.
  • Evening Eye Makeup Tips Evening Eye Makeup Tips

  • Hold your eyelid slightly taut and use the eyeliner pencil to draw dashes (instead of one long line) along your upper lashes. Then, with a small eyeliner brush, smudge the dashes together. At the outer corner of the eyes, extend the line up a bit toward your temples.
  • Liquid eyeliners work best when it comes to evening eye makeup, so ditch your daytime pencil and try out all of the fantastic foolproof liquid liners currently available for purchase.
  • The bright eye is one of the last eye make-up ideas. You have to pad some gold or silver shadow on the tear duck part of the eye. Use your finger to spread the color.
  • Add your mascara. First upper than lower lashes. I recommend a thickening mascara. Go waterproof if you think you will be in extreme humidity or may encounter moisture. I like to use Black. Brown Black or Grey Black can work just fine as well. Sweep upper lashes towards the outer edges of your eye, creating a cat eye look. It will make your eyes look sexier – and will give you more of an almond eye shape look.

Whatever preference you have with your evening eye makeup, putting the extra effort in will make you more alluring than ever before. You can easily step up your flirt factor by making your eyes more beautiful.

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