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Eye Makeup Guideline

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. And for the makeup artists, they are the most creative and most complicated part of applying makeup.


Because there are so many components to making up the eyes alone.

There are:

    1. Eyebrows
    2. Eye shadow
    3. Eyeliner
    4. Mascara

Lets start with the Eyebrows:

Types of Tweezers:

  • The type of tweezer you’re using has a lot to do with the effect you’ll get.

Eye Makeup Guideline Eye Makeup Guideline

Here’s the different types available and why you would want to use them:

1. Slanted Point Tip

  • Highly recommended. Least amount of poking, and the easiest to grab the hair with.

2. Pointed Tip

  • I personally do not like using the pointed tip for fear of stabbing myself or my model! Yes, they do scare me, but they can’t be beat for getting those tiny tiny black dots of eyebrows that are just growing in.

3. Slanted Tip

  • Another version of the Slanted Point Tip…

4. Wide Grip (not shown)

  • These usually have a wide handle base for easier holding as you tweeze.

I HIGHLY recommend TWEEZERMAN for the quality and superior design of their tweezers. You can find a cheaper version from REVLON in your drugstore, but they still can’t beat the expertness of Tweezerman.

Rule of thumb:
Longer hair looks best with eyebrows that are medium thickness, while shorter hair looks better with eyebrows that are shaped thinner to frame the eyes and not overpower the face.


  • Eyebrows should start at the tear duct, and end at the line going from edge of nose to end of eye. Any further than that can make the bone structure look off.
  • To ensure that you don’t breakout the morning after you tweeze (a common occurrence), make sure you sanitize just like the pros. How?
  • Take a cotton ball and sanitize your tweezers with 70% alcohol. Always tweeze eyebrows when your face is freshly washed and clean. For easier tweezing, hold a warm or hot wash cloth to steam the area, or the whole face for a more comfortable tweeze.
  • When I worked in the salon, I can’t tell you how the majority of my clients wanted eyebrow tweezing/shaping. Why? There really was no secret. The shape of the eyebrows play a strong factor in making your bone structure look stronger and better.

eyebrows Eye Makeup Guideline

So what’s the best shape for you?

  • The major eyebrow repair jobs were the ones I had to fix when the client tried to redo her eyebrows completely different than the shape they were. A cleaner, straighter version of YOUR eyebrow is what you should be going for.

Here are some more TIPS you can use to help in tweezing your eyebrows like a pro.

  • Use an ice cube to numb the area as you’re tweezing.
  • Use baby teething gel to numb the area….numbness lasts longer than icing, but be very careful around the eyes.
  • Stretch the skin tight between two fingers as you tweeze. It’s not the pulling of the hair that hurts, but the pulling of the skin. By keeping the skin tight, you can eliminate a lot of the sting.
  • Pull the hair in the direction that it’s growing. When tweezing, run the tweezer along the skin as you pull. That way the hair pulls out exactly in the direction of growth.
  • Pull hair slowly. Pulling the hair quickly actually makes it hurt more. Concentrate on one hair at a time.
  • Use a magnifying mirror. Nothing like really seeing what you’re doing to get all those hairs just right. Most salon makeup artists use a top of the line magnifying mirror to get expert results. It’s wise to invest in one of those stand-up magnifying mirrors from your local drugstore.

blemishes with concealer pencil Eye Makeup Guideline

  • For quicker tweezing, make sure you use tweezers with slanted tips. Hold the tweezer so the tips are aligned to your skin. Then, by quickly closing and opening the tweezer, run the tweezer along the area you want tweezed. You’ll find you can create an “Epilady” effect. Much quicker.
  • Not sure if you want to tweeze a certain hair or not? Take you tweezer and hold it away from the eyebrow. If you’ll be getting a ‘hole’ in your eyebrow if you pulled, don’t. If it makes the line of the eyebrow cleaner, straighter, it should go.
  • Another version of perfect eyebrows is what I call the Model Eyebrow. This shape is the one where most people usually end up with ‘tad pole’ looking eyebrows. No, that’s not it. The model eyebrow is in the line of the shape. The line from beginning to the top of the arch is a straight line, then from the arch towards the end of the eyebrow is a soft curve.
  • Getting that perfect high arch is not acquired by tweezing from the top of the eyebrow. It’s from the bottom. And it’s from that line you get from the beginning to the arch. That line actually makes the arch look higher, without having to tweeze everything away from the arch itself.

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