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Eye Shadow Ideas

The first thing to remember when applying Eyeshadow is that the darker colors should be lower on the eyelid. These colors can be complimented through the use of eyeliner and be smudged into the crease of the eye for a smoky look, but darker colors should be complimented with lighter colors within the same family of color tones above the crease of the eyelid.

When using eyeshadow, a good technique to remember is to use three different shades. By using the lightest shade under the brow bone, you will create highlights. Then apply the medium shade to the eyelid area, and accentuate the eyelid crease with the darkest shade. This can add a lot of depth to the eyes that will really bring out their beauty.

Eye Shadow Idea2 Eye Shadow Ideas

Eye Shadow Ideas Eye Shadow Ideas
Evenings are the best time to experiment with eye shadows. For instances, green eyed girls can have fun with a contrasting purple shade. This fun is compounded when it is paired with the right clothes and accessories. Brown and Hazel eyes are safe with greens and to some extent golds.

Eye Shadow Idea Eye Shadow Ideas

Neutral eyeshadow shades are also considered to be more natural-looking than frosted colors. Although some women do look good in light frosted shades, most times a medium shade in a neutral color will be more complementary.

Eye Shadow Idea3 Eye Shadow Ideas

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