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Eyebrow Shaping Beauty Tips

Eyebrows shapes are often a forgotten factor in general beauty. You might think that they tend to blend into your face and seem unimportant. However, since eyebrows frame the eyes, they can actually have a huge impact on your overall appearance. By utilizing proper eyebrow shapes, you can give your entire look a youthful lift.

Tweezing Tips for Perfect Eyebrows:
1. While tweezing or threading, put a hot washcloth to loosen up the follicles just before the tweezing.
2. Always follow shape of your eyes and your features. Do not over pluck your eyebrows as it will not do any good to your eyes.
3. Another important thing to be remembered is the space between the eye brows should be same as between eyes.
4.  End point of finished eyebrow should fall on the diagonal line drawn from the nostril to the outside of eye.
5. To help the hairs to slide off easily, you cap put little moisturizer over the brows.
6. For finishing, brush the eyebrows for natural touch.

Eyebrow Shaping Beauty Tips Eyebrow Shaping Beauty Tips
Tips to ‘Grow’ Perfect Eyebrows:
1. Use olive oil on your eyebrows which is easily available at any grocery store. Massaging olive oil every day into the eyebrows helps them grow thicker and healthier.

2. If olive oil is not available, try to massage castor oil into the eyebrows one to two times a day. Like olive oil, castor oil can help make your eyebrows grow thicker (and faster as well).

Eyebrow Shaping Beauty Tips1 Eyebrow Shaping Beauty Tips
3. Take small amount of whole milk, dip a small makeup sponge into the milk and then squeeze it onto your eyebrows. The vitamins in milk support the hair follicles and it helps the eyebrows grow faster and thicker.

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