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Eyes Tips

If you want to get the cream eyeshadow look, simply use Vaseline……just put on over your eyeshadow and mix in. A perfect party look!

Don’t use ice to numb the eyebrow area when tweezing.

When you’ve bought the best shimmering shadow for night and you don’t want to go overboard on the lipstick, try this: Mix a little of the shadow with a clear balm and apply sparingly over your usual neutral lip shade That way, your lips will shimmer just like your eyes!

My coolest trick is to apply a light coat of red lipstick ALL around the eye as it works great as a concealer to cover undereye circles and you can also duplicate the look for fall by Fred Farrugia in his Lancome Rouge collection.The red used must be a true red for better results.To stop creasing at the end of the day..pat on some translucent powder to set and lots of glitter and you now have the latest look!

Eyes Tips Eyes Tips

Put a small spot of gold eyeshadow over your pupil right at the lash line, once you’re done putting on the rest of your eyeshadow. It will be unnoticeable, but draw attention to your eyes, and make them look brighter.

Take broken eye shadow colors and mix colors to the shades you want.

Use a light colored highlight shadow underneath your eyebrow to hide away eyebrow stubbles,  and to have a clean look.

If you like creamy eyeshadow but don’t have any, just take clear lipstick or lip balm and add it to the shade you like most and apply to your eyelids.

If you burn a cork (it is the cover that they use for wine bottles, they use cork screws to get it out) you can use it as eye liner. The burning of the cork causes it to become black, and if you put it on like eyeliner it looks great!

I am always mixing eyeshadows together. I love getting my own personal look. I use alot of gold eyeshadow with all different kinds of colours. Love it.

Put on Brown Mascara and tip it in Black to make your lashes look longer.

Run eyelash curler under hot water before using for 10 seconds. Gives a great curl.

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