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Fall Makeup Tips

You heard it here first. Makeup is experiencing a new shift. A change in textures, new colors and a whole different look is coming your way. And it’s all starting with the Fall Trends for 2012. Are you ready for a change?

What’s New for Fall 2012:

1. Matte Skin
For fall skin has taken a more matte finish but is still natural in look. Dewy, shiny, glowy skin is fading out, and to achieve the new matte look, just apply your liquid foundation as usual, with a soft dusting of powder on top. Loose Powder is perfect for this and gives just the right look of touchable matte skin. Or touch on a shine mattifier on the t-zone on top of foundation or on bare skin. The look is matter skin that’s natural looking, but not packed on with
foundation or caked with powder.

2. Softer Blush
Blush is slowly fading out…you’ll see less bright shades, with more of a realism in color than ever before. Strong flushed cheeks are becoming softer, with tones in soft rose and beiges being the perfect cheek tones for fall. There’s also a new placement, with blush being applied as a very natural flush on the tops of the cheeks as opposed to the apples of the cheeks. Just start application at the tops of the cheekbones and work towards the apple. Another new way of blush is a return to the 70′s “c” look. Take your blush and apply on the tops of cheekbones and then up
towards the temple, doing a half circle around your eye.

Fall Makeup Fall Makeup Tips

3. Dark Dark Eyes
Yes, smoky eyes are still in and it’s all about black. Rim inside and outside the eyelashes with black pencil and you’re set. Try this look for both day and night in different variations. For day, add a light gray eye shadow smudged on the whole eyelid for a softer version. For night, go with a warmer brown or sandstone color. The new eyeshape? Emphasizing the crease has given way to shadowing the entire eyelid with a medium shade. Smudge the shadow into the eyeliner on both top and bottom and bring out to emphasize a rounder shape on the eyes. No winging out and no frosty highlighter on the browbone will keep this look new.

4. Nude Lips
Nude, coffee and sand colored lips. Nude lips are back and more modern with a soft matte finish. And matte doesn’t have to mean dry lips. To keep lipstick on longer, apply a soft touch of lip balm or chap stick first and then your lipstick. Use a cream lipstick and blot down to a matte finish. Also, the lip line is cleaner, but not perfectly drawn on.

Nude Lips Fall Makeup Tips

5. Lip Gloss is Fading Away
Glossy lips have all but disappeared, making way for the newer matte textures in lipstick. Update your clear gloss by using a touch instead on the brow bone and even on the eyebrows. Pair up with a nude lipstick and soft pinks on the cheeks for a great new natural daytime look.

6. Glitter and Frost
This season, it’s all about matte textures and perfect skin. So unless you’re a rock star, keep the glitter and frosted eyeshadows and lipsticks at home.

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