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How to Apply Blusher And Covering Cream


Even the prettiest of make-ups looks unfinished without blusher. There are many colors and textures to choose from. Blusher is for adding color, not for contouring. It adds life and glow to every skin color, and sparkle to the eyes.


No one color will suit all occasions. A wardrobe of colors is a good idea; three basic shades will do. A russet tone to go with warm toned clothes, a pink shade for cool colors and a clear soft red that looks good with neutrals, red, black and white.

There are creams, liquids, gels, pencils and powders available. All except powder blushers leave a faint sheen on the skin and are applied before powdering the face. Powder blushers go on over powder and are probably the easiest to apply as they usually come with their own brush.

* Dot the blusher on your cheek (the bit that you can squeeze between your index finger and thumb, if you put your finger on the cheek bone and the thumb underneath). Blend it in well and be careful not to go too close to the nose.

29 How to Apply Blusher And Covering Cream


Use a covering cream; they come either in a pot or in a stick. They are suitable for any skin type and come in two or three shades. Some are medicated and useful for covering the occasional spot or pimple.


Pick one that’s the same tone as your foundation but much lighter, and remember to blend it very carefully to make sure you don’t look as if you have white dots or lines on your face.

Lower your chin and look up into a mirror to see where the circles really are. Dot the cream along the line of the circle and blend by patting with the tip of a finger. Never rub or drag.

* If you have a “bag” under your eye, don’t let the cream go on to the bag, it will only accentuate it.


Pluck out any hairs that make an untidy line under and between the brows, but be careful not to take out too many between the brows as a big space here looks very strange. Tweeze the hairs, pulling in the direction they grow. Swab the area with surgical spirit before and after to prevent infection and, of course, only do this when your face is free of make-up.

* Warm the area with a clean flannel or cotton wool wrung out in hot water; this softens the skin and makes it easier to pull out the hairs.

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