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How to Apply Makeup for Photos and Video

Have you ever seen yourself in pictures and decided that you are seriously not photogenic? Well if you have then you are wrong. Makeup for the camera can make just about anybody look good. Do you think that all the stars in the world have flawless skin as you see it on screen and magazine pictures? Obviously not, it is not for nothing that they spend hours in the makeup van.

The Icy Touch. It may be winter and snowing outside but harsh photo lights and strong camera flashes will make you sweat. When you sweat your makeup will run and smudge. Always apply ice on your face before you start your makeup for a special occasion. It cools your skin so you sweat little and makeup lasts longer.

Make sure your foundation is yellow-toned (this applies for all ethnic backgrounds).

Use the right color blush so as not to look washed out. Layer natural color first, and make it “pop” with a brighter color on top.

Makeup For The Camera1 How to Apply Makeup for Photos and Video

Define your eyes with shadow, but avoid dark colors on the lid – they make the eyes recede. Add mascara, but don’t overdo it.

Use the right color blush How to Apply Makeup for Photos and Video

Most lips benefit from definition, even when lipstick is not generally used. For a natural but polished look, try a shade or two darker than your lip color, apply lip pencil, smudge lips a bit and apply a little gloss, or lipstick.Additional makeup tip: Apply a lighter lip color or gloss only to the center of lips to enhance a pouty look.

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