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How To Choose A Foundation

No matter what color your skin is you should always choose a foundation to match your skin tone. Foundation should make your skin look as smooth and flawless as possible. If you are pale, don’t try to warm up your skin by wearing a foundation too dark for you, or lighten it by choosing one that’s too pale. Add or subtract color to your face with blusher and eye make-up.

Foundation is for wearing on your face, so I believe that’s the place to try it before you buy — not on your hand. When you go shopping for a foundation go with a clean face. Choose the color that you think is the nearest to your own skin tone, put a little on your cheek, go outside and look at it in the daylight. If it is a completely different colored patch, then it’s the wrong foundation for you. No one wants a face that’s a different color to their neck and hands. Try and match the tone as perfectly as possible, that way the color will blend over your face and never leave a tide mark at the chin line. Normal to dry skins usually suit a creamy liquid foundation in a bottle, creams in a tube or jar, or the compact type with a cream base.

18 How To Choose A Foundation

Oily skins are better suited to the water-based liquids in a bottle or tube, and there are many types formulated for such skins. Sensitive skins should look for special foundations made for delicate complexions; they are often marked “hypo-allergenic.”

The light gel foundations in tubes and sticks that look great in the summer time suit almost any skin type, although since they have little covering power you need a pretty good skin to wear them. Always moisturize before using gels, it helps them go on more smoothly.


Apply foundation to your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin with your fingertips or a damp sponge. Always keep the foundation to the center of your face, blend it very carefully with the sponge in the crease of the chin, around the nostrils and under the jaw line. Don’t apply make-up near the hair line, just allow the color to fade away to nothing at the edges of your face.

* Never put too much under your eyes, it can make tiny lines look much deeper than they are.

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