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How To Choose And Use A Powder

If you want your make-up to last through the day, powder is essential. You don’t need to have a “floury” look nowadays — powder Is so fine and light it just sets your make-up and gives it a professional finish.


The very best powder is transparent and translucent. As it is colorless, it won’t alter the tone of your make-up although it will lighten it just a little.

Dip your powder puff into the powder, pat off the surplus into the palm of your hand and then press the powder over your face. Never rub as rubbing causes streaking.

A compact of loose powder or pressed powder is useful for touching up.

* Always use a clean velour puff every time you begin your make-up. Buy two or three so there is always a freshly washed one available.

56 How To Choose And Use A Powder

These are pale, shiny,  gilded colors that are used to add shape and light to your make-up. You can find them in creams, tubes and powders. Apply with a brush or fingertip anywhere you want, to add a sheen or emphasize a feature.

* Avoid dead white highlights, they look like snail tracks on the face. Choose creamy, pink or apricot toned colors.

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