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How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

What is the most important feature of your face? It is none other than the eyebrows. This small part of your face actually balances the entire look of the face. They bring the focus to our eyes and they need to be taken care of properly.

Use baby toothbrush or clean mascara wand to brush the eyebrow, so their natural shape is neatly defined. Next, apply an astringent such as witch hazel to anesthetize the sensitive skin under the brow.

The eyebrow arch starts from your pupil and gradually goes up and then down towards the end.  The arch shape depends on your bone structure. There are many different shapes of eyebrows. Rounded shaped eyebrows soften features. A good example of this shape is Sharon Stone eyebrows. Soft angle eyebrows, the most preferred shape, is arched and feminine.

natural eyebrow line2 How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

This is similar to Nicole Kidman’s shape and usually goes well with a petite face. Angled eyebrows have a high arch and work well to mask droopy eyelids. It gives you a more youthful look. Straight eyebrows work best for those with a longer face shape face. Straight eyebrows make their face appear shorter and oval.

natural eyebrow line How to Get Perfect Eyebrows
When trimming, remember the following:
1. Make sure you use clean trimming scissors. That way, if you get nicked, there is lesser danger of infection.

2. Follow your natural eyebrow line.

natural eyebrow line1 How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

3. Then make adjustments on the arch by trimming little ends at a time just to be sure you wouldn’t end up cutting way too long.

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