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How to Look…..Cool as Ice

Cool ways to incorporate white and shimmer into your makeup……Getting a little bored with that same ole shimmer on the brow bone look? Here’s some new cool ways to wear shimmers and white shades.

1. Have a old shimmer silver lipstick? You know, from the 60′s and from about 6 years ago when they were in. Use it as a face shimmer. Apply on the tops of cheekbones and under the eyebrows as a face shimmer.

2. Have a worn out almost gone shimmering eye shadow? Take about 1/4 cup of loose powder that’s at best , translucent, or light in color. Scrape your old eye shadow into the loose powder and mix into another container. Viola, a shimmering body or face powder.

3. Here’s a look I started doing on photo shoots. Take a shimmering pearl color eye shadow, and with a wet foundation brush, apply on the high points of the face,like cheekbones, chin, eyes, forehead…..then to blend, dampen your brush a little more and blend into the face……… a great dewy look and applying it on wet makes it appear more see through! A great new look!

Cool Beauty How to Look.....Cool as Ice

4. Love that white eye shadow? So do I, especially when I’m tired. I just apply it underneath my bottom lashes after I’ve done my eye makeup. A light coat of mascara top and bottom, and it works wonders at keeping the dark circles away.

5. Too dark or bright lipstick? Put on your white eye shadow with a sponge applicator on your lips,applied dry. Be sure to stay within your lip line, and then apply that lip color over. Bingo, a whole new shade of lipstick. And the best part is that you’re not applying another coat of lipstick, which only smears and wears off more.

6. Want to use your tinted moisturizer during the winter? Easy, mix scrapes of white eye shadow into your tinted moisturizer,blend into another container and you can continue to wear. For night, do the same with a frosted color.

moisturizer during the winter How to Look.....Cool as Ice

7. Want to bring out your bone structure? Apply white eye shadow on bare, moisturized skin on the high points of your bone structure (cheekbones, middle of forehead, under bottom lip, eyelids, between the eyebrows, and if you like your nose, along the bridge of the nose.) Apply with a dry sponge, and then on top,apply your foundation as normal. The white will lightly show thru, enhancing your features!

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