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How to Remove Birthmarks Naturally

Birthmarks can be raised or discolored patches of skin located anywhere on the body. Many birthmarks develop before birth, while others appear several weeks after birth. What causes birthmarks is unknown, however, the clustering of blood vessels and heredity are associated with their development. Birthmarks are generally noncancerous and do not pose a serious health threat, but they can be embarrassing when the mark is large or located on an exposed part of the body. Laser treatments are available for removing birthmarks but can be expensive and may require several treatments. Natural remedies can aid in the removal of birthmarks, depending on the individual.

Ice Packs
Ice packs are known to tighten the skin pores and help in reducing marks. Use two to three ice cubes wrapped in a small piece of cloth. Rub these ice cubes gently on the affected area for about 5 minutes. Repeat this regularly for best results. Ice cubes helps in skin lightening and helps remove birth marks.

Olive Oil  How to Remove Birthmarks Naturally

Olive Oil
It is known to moisturize the skin and softens the texture of your skin which in turn reduces marks. Marks can be lightened but removal is a little difficult. So try massaging the affected area with olive oil everyday for 10 minutes. The results are very positive and you will notice lightening of marks on your body.

Lemon is known as natural bleaching agent. It is used in many creams for lightening of skin. If lemon juice is applied on the affected area and washed after some time it helps lighten the marks.

How to Remove Birthmarks Naturally How to Remove Birthmarks Naturally

Tomato juice
Anti oxidising quality of tomato help in minimising the cell damage of the skin. It helps to reduce birth marks.

Vitamin A and C
Vitamins help in curing birth marks. So vitamin rich food should be taken to get rid of these marks. A paste can be made using the food rich in vitamins like apricot, kiwi and oranges and then applied to the body.

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