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How To Remove Excess Makeup

You can soak a cotton ball in cream and rub on the skin especially on areas with extra makeup. Sometimes you can apply excess compact powder or liquid which can whiten the face more than required. Facial cleansers are one of the best tips to remove excess makeup from the face.After removing excess makeup, touch up with little liquid foundation. Avoid applying too much powder. Stick to liquid foundation and compact powder.

Too Much Blush. Take a cotton ball and wipe it in the same direction that you applied the blush to remove excess colour. if there’s still too much, take a clean brush and lightly apply some powder the same colour as your skin to cover it up. be careful not to rub or brush too hard when removing, as this will cause your skin to redden, emphasizing the blush even more

Too Much Eyeshadow. Again, a cotton swab should do most of the dirty work, rub it in gentle circles over your whole eyelid. next, rub a skin-coloured cream shadow over the whole lid, it will grease up the shadow and make it easier to wipe away with a clean cotton ball

rid of lipstick How To Remove Excess Makeup
Getting rid of lipstick can be harder, with women advised to first blot the lips with plain tissue paper, before applying a nude lip balm and rubbing a wet cloth gently in a circular motion.

rid of lipstick1 How To Remove Excess Makeup

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