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How to Take Care of Your Eyes

Eat lots of fruits and veggies! Carrots, high in vitamin A and loaded with beta carotene, are especially helpful in maintaining healthy eyes. Avoid foods detrimental to your general health like refined carbohydrates, fast-foods and processed foods.

Eye wash is the most important thing one should go for. You should wash your eyes at a regular interval of should sprinkle cold water in your eyes in the morning and evening time.The eyes should be dried with clean towel.

Soothing eye pads. Soak cotton pads in rose water or makeup remover on the eyes. Close your eyes and place the plates through each of them. It will soothe the tissues and reducing swelling and irritation.

Eye Cream. Eye cream should be applied morning and night after cleansing. Use a ball of eye cream or gel on the size of a grain of rice. Use your finger ring to make sure you do not press too hard, because it is the weakest finger. Apply the cream with sweeping movements around the eye or by pressing gently under the eyes.

Eye Cream1 How to Take Care of Your Eyes

If your doctor prescribes medication for your eyes, follow the directions carefully. If you miss a dose, check with your doctor or pharmacist (pharmacies should include a sheet of instructions and information with each medication) to find out how to proceed. Never double-dose on the theory that it “makes up” for what you missed.

Eye Cream How to Take Care of Your Eyes

If your doctor gives you eye exercises, do them as directed. Often exercise can help conditions like astigmatism or presbyopia from becoming worse. Like any physical therapy, they’ve been designed to work on a specific muscle or system to improve functionality and prolong usefulness.

eye exercises How to Take Care of Your Eyes

Some tips to take care of eyes:
1. Avoid reading books of fine prints and cover your eyes in moving vehicles.

2. Droping 2 or 3 drops of Tulsi leaves in eyes would be beneficial.

3. Morning rays are cool and good for eyes,stand for five minutes in the gentle morning rays.

4. Take a barefoot walk on grass at the morning time.

5. Make sure that there is plenty of light to read.

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