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Lips Makeup Tips

If you are a regular user of lipstick or lip gloss. Then make sure to use a branded lipstick or lip gloss which contains herbal and natural moisturizer to maintain your lips skin and shine.

Shape of the lips enhance your lips beauty and attraction and add a nice and glamorous flair to your face. A natural tip to have a stunning lip shape is to drink plenty of water daily. Water ahs the quality to prevent your lips from dehydration and chapping. Hence maintain your lips shape.

Always use a lip liner that is closer to the shade of your lipstick color. This is a very important lips makeup tip and will help in defining your lip’s shape.

Apply it twice to make your lipstick last longer. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone and dress color. Red color of lipsticks suits to young women with fair complexion and neat skin.

Lips Makeup Tips1 Lips Makeup Tips

Lips Makeup Tips Lips Makeup Tips

Apply lipstick first time, press it with tissue paper and apply lipstick second time. It will make your lip color last longer.

Now you can dab bit of lip gloss on your lips to get fuller looking lips. If you already have fuller lips then avoid using lip gloss. You can use lip gloss without lipstick.

Lip brush. If possible, use a brush for applying your lipstick – this way it will stay on longer and you can achieve a more distinguished outline, just don’t go overboard with the amount.

Matte lips? Not a problem. You want that chique matte look yet you do not want to dry your lips? Take a piece of thin napkin and gently put it to your painted lips, then apply some powder with a soft powder brush on the surface, and voila!

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