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Lipstick For Beauty

When I run out of lipstick or lip gloss, I grab some chap stick, and put it on. Then, I find one of my favorite shades or eyeshadow and place some over my lips. The color stays on great and looks fabulous!

Ever wanted to liven up a dull lipstick job? Just take your concealer stick and apply on the inner bottom and inner top of your lips to make a frosty match a brown tone.

I take and crumble any iridescent eye shadow and add a little Vaseline. It makes a cool shimmery lipgloss!

When you find your favorite lipstick mush because you left it in your 100 degree plus car all afternoon, don’t despair. You will be able to save some of it. Put the lipstick in the freezer for a few hours. You will be able to reshape with your fingers after it has harden.

If a lipstick breaks, put the broken part into a small container (like the container a sample of cream came in), then heat the container in the microwave. The lipstick will melt into the container, then it will harden again, and you will still be able to use your broken lipstick.

lipstick for beauty Lipstick For Beauty

If you can’t get the perfect lipstick, use eyeshadow. Apply a coat of semi-gloss lip gloss and then brush your favorite colour of eyeshadow on top. Make sure the lip gloss has moisturizers. This is great for achieving a nice natural tone.

When I wear lipstick my lips dry out so I put on lip gloss then lipstick.

Well, tons of times I have all these free lipsticks I get from the Clinique counter and stuff like that. And they are always such bright, ugly red colors. So, what I do is I take my black eyeliner and line my lips with it after applying the red and it deepens the color to beautiful burgundys and other deep reds. I use this trick all the time, especially in the fall and winter time when the dark colors look great!

If I want my lipstick to last longer on my lips, I apply the color….dust my lips lightly with loose powder…reapply the color, then blot with a tissue.

Use Eyeliner to matte your glossy lipstick

When trying to make your lipstick to stay on longer you should apply a first coat of lipstick…blot your lips and apply your lipstick again.

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