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Makeup Brush Tips

Makeup brushes are an essential and integral part in the life of any makeup artist and indeed, even for all ladies who do their makeup at home. There are various makeup brushes for different purposes, and it is important to use each of them according to their intended purpose. Some of these brushes are eye brushes which incorporate the eye shadow brush, eyebrow brushes, blending brushes, concealer brushes and the crease brush.

Blush Brushes:
Choosing an angled or normal blush brush is a personal choice, but if you are just starting to use blush consider an angled brush. The angle on the head of the brush gives you a sort of automatic guide on applying the blush and softens the look keeping you from applying too much product. If you are applying a cream or liquid blush try using a stippling brush. Usually stippling brushes have black bristles with white tips and lightly smooth dense liquids on. Do not use the same brush you used to apply your foundation, as mixing foundation and blush in one brush without cleaning it thoroughly can compromise the look of both the blush and the foundation.

Makeup Brush Tips2 Makeup Brush TipsFoundation brushs:
In order to spread foundation onto your face wholly, purchase that brush which is quite stiffed and is having thick bristles about ? inches in width and subtly angled. This kind of brush will help you to provide fineness to those crease lines which you want to hide while applying face matching foundation.

Eye shadow brushes:
Eye shadow brushes must not have long handles along with containing angled short sized hairs for enhancing the corners. For making eye crease prominent, purchase round shaped brush so that it can help to merge your eye shadows well.

Makeup Brush Tips1 Makeup Brush Tips
Makeup Brush Cleaning Tips:
Fill the sink with warm water and mild shampoo.Clean each brush by shaking bristles back and forth in the soapy water and then rubbing them until they foam. To keep wood handles from warping or glue from loosening, do not totally submerge brushes. Wipe handles with a damp, soapy cloth.Thoroughly rinse all traces of cleanser from bristles in warm water.Squeeze water from bristles, and then use a dry towel to squeeze out more water.Place clean makeup brushes on the edge of a cabinet until they are totally dry before replacing them into holders.

Makeup Brush Tips Makeup Brush Tips

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