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Makeup for Small Eyes

Eyes play an important role in the beauty of any women. Bigger eyes are a gift of God. But if you have smaller eyes then don’t get worried. Here are some eyes makeup tips by which you can make your eyes look bigger and wide opened.

Sculpt Your Eye Brows:
The first trick that you can use to make your small eyes look larger is to sculpt your eye brows properly. To do this you will need a pair of tweezers and a plan. The shape that you are after will have a thicker end near the inner corner of your eyes, an arch over your iris and an ending point that is determined by a diagonal line from the outside corner of your eye to your natural eye brow line.

Makeup for Small Eyes Makeup for Small EyesEyeliner:
Eyeliner is used to create the eye make up more prominent.Using eyeliner is the best way to produce bigger, bolder, and more significant eyes. Eye make up can help overcome the problem of your small eyes, but when used correctly.

Makeup for Small Eyes1 Makeup for Small Eyes
Many women think they don’t need mascara on their bottom eye lashes. However, most makeup experts believe adding mascara to the lower lashes can help to enlarge their appearance. The trick is to know how much to use on those bottom lashes! Start by applying the mascara to the top lashes. Then, with whatever is left on your brush (without redipping it into the mascara formula), apply it to the lower lashes. Hold your brush vertically and sweep it back and forth over the lower lashes to get the right look.

Makeup for Small Eyes3 Makeup for Small Eyes
Eye shadow:
The next to concentrate on eye make up is eye shadow. Take care when applying even it is a commonly detained faith, impressive eye shadow doesn’t highlight your eyes. In fact, it will make just the opposite.Applying dramatic eye shadow in excess will lead to shrivel your eyes by focusing them back into your face. So, apply eye shadow a little to look simple when you have small eyes.

Makeup for Small Eyes4 Makeup for Small Eyes

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