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Makeup Foundation Tips

Foundation is really important to even out your skin and to help you look picture perfect. The right colour, texture and amount will make your skin look gorgeous.

Types Of Foundation
1. Liquid Foundation: Offers light to medium coverage. Available in moisturizing formulas with a satin finish for dry skin or oil-free versions with a matte finish for oily skins.

2. Cream Foundation: Offers light to medium coverage, slightly heavier than a liquid. Great for dry skin. Avoid using if you have oily or combination skin.

3. Stick: Foundation sticks also double as concealers. The new gel or powder finish formulas are not as heavy or greasy as the older “pancake” formulas.

4. Tinted moisturizer: Can be used under foundation or alone for minimal to no coverage. Almost like a liquid bronzer.

Types Of makeup Foundation Makeup Foundation TipsTips for Applying Foundation

1. Always moisturize before applying foundation or base. It makes it flow smoothly over the skin for a more even and well blended appearance.

2. Be sure to select the proper foundation. Test foundation along your jaw line. It should blend easily into your natural skin tone. You might find you need a slightly darker shade of makeup for summer.

Applying Foundation Makeup Foundation Tips

3. Depending on how much coverage you want, Use cream or long-wearing foundations for heavier coverage or use lotions or tinted moisturizers for lighter coverage.

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