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Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

If you have a dark skin, you are a lucky one. You enjoy a quick bronze, without too much slog, but you must not give up products with solar protection factors. You look good with a daring makeup. You can choose any intense color. Avoid pastels or any lighter nuance. The nuances like gold, bronze, or orange are perfect on your eyelids or lips.However, if your skin is dark the secret is to play with matte or shine colors.

For eyes, choose makeup with delicate textures, together with eyeliner in nuances like emerald or sapphire. You will look sensational if you choose makeup in nuances like bronze or copper- colored.

In the circle cheeks, apply a powder shimmer with a circular motion, then pull it toward the ear (not downward). Keep the shimmer effect is still in the area of ??roundness and cheekbones.

Makeup for Dark Skin tips Makeup Tips for Dark Skin
On the lips, form which should be painted gloss after we wear nude-colored lipstick, neutral or pale. If you wear light-colored lipstick, avoid adding shimmer lip gloss that will build the theatrical impression. If you have put on lip gloss, do not apply shimmering makeup other so as not to seem ludicrous.

Quick Tips:
1. Always apply powder after applying foundation.

2. Choose colors from coral or rose for use as blush.

3. Avoid using colors like browns and shades of peach for blush.

Makeup for Dark Skin tips1 Makeup Tips for Dark Skin
4. Dark skin looks great with dark purple and royal blue eye shadow.

5. Avoid white eye shadow for this skin tone.

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