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Makeup Tips for Lips

Lips are the most attractive and beautiful part of your face. Lips play an important role in facial beauty of every woman. Every young girl and women of every age want to have beautiful, pinkish and attractive lips. This require extra lip care, use of lips beauty products and to some extend, right lips makeup. Although the natural lips beauty products may enhance lips beauty but we can’t ignore the importance of lips make up.

Ideas For Defining Lip Shapes
1. Select a lip liner that is closer to the shade of your lipstick color. This helps in defining its shape. To make your lips appear thicker, draw the outline just outside your natural lip line. For thinner looking lips, place the outline just inside the normal lip line. Outlining lips also has the function of preventing lip color bleeding.

2. The easiest and healthiest way to get a stunning looking lip shape is to drink plenty of water daily. Water has the property of helping in hydration and preventing the lips from getting chapped or cracked.

Makeup Tips for Lips1 Makeup Tips for Lips

Lips Makeup Tips

1. Moisturize. The skin on the lips is very fine and thin, it tends to dry out, so it is advisable that you repair that lip skin before applying lipstick or your lips will look a mess. Use lip exfoliation and lip moisturizer, if you want to opt for a cheaper version of lip exfoliation, use a very soft toothbrush to massage and clean those lips.

2. Pick the right tone for you. Lipstick tone can make you gorgeous and it can also make you sick, make sure to choose the right one. If you are of a fair complexion, make sure to avoid strong, intense shades of lipstick, as they will make you look even paler, instead go for pale rose and peach. If you have a darker complexion, you can choose from a wider range of tones, even very dark ones.

3. Use lip liner to shape your lips. Select a shade of lip liner that is closest to shade of lipstick and use lip brush to gently blend in the lip liner but maintain line. Lip liner prevents lip color from spreading around the face in lines.

4. Apply it twice to make your lipstick last longer. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone and dress color. Red color of lipsticks suits to young women with fair complexion and neat skin.

5. Apply lipstick first time, press it with tissue paper and apply lipstick second time. It will make your lip color last longer.

6. Now you can dab bit of lip gloss on your lips to get fuller looking lips. If you already have fuller lips then avoid using lip gloss.

Makeup Tips for Lip Makeup Tips for Lips

7. You can use lip gloss without lipstick.

8. Apply lip line just out the lips edge and choose the color that is similar to that of lipstick.

9. For fuller lips, you should apply lipstick without using lip pencil and if you still want to apply it, apply it around the inner edge of lips. Blend lip liner with lipstick.

Your basic lipstick undertones that you might see would be:
Red – pink
Makes the color seem warmer, but harder and deeper as well. Can also bring out all the red tones in your skin as well so be careful!

Makeup Tips for Lips Makeup Tips for Lips

Yellow – orange
Makes the color warmer, and softer. Looks great on warm skin tones, but if you’re really pale, can bring out the green/blue undertones in your skin. To be on the safe side,

Silver – gray
Adds shimmer, softness, depth, Easy to spot in those light shimmer lipsticks that are so popular now. Adds light and softness to the lipstick,

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