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Makeup Tips for Your Nose

Not all women are blessed with a perfect little nose. There are many women who are not happy with their nose. A few of them have even had their nose job done. They don’t think twice before spending a lot of money just to get that perfect shape and size of nose. However, not all women can go for a nose job as it is not only costly, but also very painful. Plastic surgery is not the only option to enhance the beauty of your nose.

Snub nose
To lengthen the nose a little discreet, the trick is to place a clear powder discreetly just below the nose.

Side of nose
To correct the orientation of the nose, look for the stronger side and put in a touch of dark foundation. Balance on the other side by a background of lighter and your nose will seem much more right.

Long nose
The trick to hide a nose is a little long to apply a powder foundation or a dark color on the sides, top near the eyes. Thus, the effect is striking: your nose is “short cut” because the top of the nose starts lower.

Long nose Makeup Tips for Your Nose

Flat nose
Flat Nose – Apply highlight down the center of the nose, avoiding the sides. Smooth and blend down the center.Nose Makeup Tips for Your Nose

Narrow Nose
Choose a concealer that’s one shade darker than your natural skin tone. Apply it down the centre of your nose. Apply a light foundation around the nostrils.

Uneven Nose
Apply a slightly dark shade of foundation to the bump to cover up the flaws.

Uneven Nose Makeup Tips for Your Nose

Wanna avoid looking like Rudolph with a shiny nose?
Skip Moisturizer. Skip the nose when you’re applying moisturizer before makeup.

Mattify. Look for makeup primers or moisturizers that have mattifying property to keep shine off for longer hours.

Powder Power. Powder helps to soak up excess sebum. Slap on more powder around the nose, but making sure the finish still looks natural.

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