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Mineral Makeup Best For Your Skin

Mineral makeup has been available for several years now. It can be purchased from the infomercial, fine department stores. Some of the membership warehouse clubs such as Costco now carry this product. There are several advantages to mineral makeup that can help you to look great all day long.It consists of finely ground minerals that may be applied to the face in the form of a powder. Minerals such as iron oxide and zinc are finely ground and then blended to give many different shades for use on the face. These minerals are applied using a dry brush and users may choose to mix several different colors on the face to obtain the exact shade that best matches their skin.

Apply mineral makeup
If you are using mineral shadows you also need a brush. Same thing: tap excess before applying. Try combining different colors to get interesting shades. For blushes, use a fan or blush brush to apply product on the apples of the cheeks going towards the hairline. You can also get mineral brow dust, which can be applied wet or dry. This gives a softer and more natural effect than an eyebrow pencil.

Apply mineral makeup Mineral Makeup Best For Your Skin

For mineral bronzer apply just a bit on the tip of your nose, your forehead and the shoulders. Body bronzers can be applied on the neck or chest. Apply just a little, because too much bronzer can make your face look dirty.

Apply mineral makeup1 Mineral Makeup Best For Your Skin

The benefits of mineral makeup
The absence of irritants in most mineral makeup brands means that you are less likely to experience any irritation or inflammation. People with oily skin are particularly prone to pore clogging that results from the use of products that contain emollients, which mineral makeup is typically free of. And if you have sensitive skin that breaks out from certain fragrances, mineral makeup is the ideal choice for you. Mineral makeup also offers a certain degree of sun protection thanks to its zinc oxide content.

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