Summer Oily Skin care

Some people seems it mush more difficult to keep their skin normal in summer,yes these people are those who have oily skin care and worried about it in crucial summer.For the people with oily skin Summer proves painful due to heat that keep skin more oily due to heighten tendency of the skin to produce more oil.

Wash Face. Washing the face as much as you can is one of the best ways to reduce the oily skin. Wash your face before wearing makeup so that you wear on the oily skin face. You can use a gentle cleanser to wash your face with

For Pores. To clean down the pores, use a clay mask once w eek. This is a nice treatment for oily skin as it cleans the skin from within.

Blotting Paper. Using a cosmetic blotting paper for oily skin is a good option as it does not dries out your skin completely. Make a point of using the blotting paper by just dabbing it on the nose, forehead and chin instead of rubbing it.

Use powder to combat oily skin Summer Oily Skin care


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Tips For Neck Care

The neck is one of the neglected parts of the body while cleaning other parts of your body. But the fact is that it is one of the areas of the body most vulnerable to skin darkening. This is because the skin is much thinner on the neck than it is on the face, making it more prone to UV damage from natural sunlight and any other forms of UV light.

Neck Care Tips
1. Dark neck can be improved by cleansing and scrubbing with a soft plastic bristled nail brush. This takes out the dead skin and activated lymphatic glands. Occasional bleaches can also help clear out the skin discoloration.

2. Always apply body lotion or face cream even on the neck to keep it smooth, soft and clean.

3. Dip a towel in hot water and squeeze extra water. Rub the towel on the neck and scrub. This tip is to reduce dark patches from the neck and steam it at the same time. Repeat this method also reduces the discoloration and fat settled around the neck.

Neck Care1 Tips For Neck Care [...]

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Summer Hair Care Tips For Men

The harsh and dry weather in summer play spoilsport on our hair. While most women tackle this ‘hair-raising’ summer woe with ease, men continue to remain clueless about hair care in summer. One of the leading hairstylists in Mysore and the owner of Macho Hair Dressers, for some useful hair care tips for men… Protect Your Hair

Wear a cap from time to time and spray, some sun block on your heed! The sun dries your hair & scalp out and over time will thin your hair down, especially if you get sunburned.

Keep It Hydrated, Simply drinking lots of water will benefit your hair! How? Healthy body healthy hair… simples! A key indicator of hydration, if your pee is orange then get a few pints doon ye.

Also, for frizzy hair, use either gel or any other styling product. But make sure that  you do not overuse the same.

 Summer Hair Care Tips For Men Summer Hair Care Tips For Men


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Skin Care Tips For Summer Season

Sunshine, heat, humidity, and chlorine can do a number on summer skin. For one thing, the sun’s rays are particularly strong, so the chances of developing wrinkles,age spots— or even worse, skin cancer — increase. Plus, higher heat and humidity mean more rashes, breakouts, and clogged pores,  while chlorine dries out your skin (and your hair!) Hey, don’t let these potential downers rain on your summer parade. Follow these some summer skin tactics and you’ll be good to glow.

Women’s skin is very sensitive, hence needs extra care and a lot of attention. As summer season starts, all women have to bring special seasonal changes in their skin care plans to look beautiful and exotic in summer as well.

Despite how long your day has been or how tired you are, it’s important to take your makeup off before sleeping. Leaving it on will end up clogging or expanding your pores while dehydrating your skin.

Daily cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing is still one of the best ways to achieve great skin, no matter what your skin type is.

Summer Skin Care Skin Care Tips For Summer Season [...]

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Summer Spa Tips

Rather than hit an expensive spa to get beach-ready, make your way to the local farmer’s market. Believe it or not, there are many things you can find in your fridge that can be transformed into fabulous skin and hair care products. You don’t even have to hit specialty stores to pick up unusual ingredients. Here are a few suggestions of types of beauty products and good ingredients to have on hand for each.

Keep Your Face and Skin Flawless: Jane Iredale make up is great to wear to the beach! It’s natural ingredients and built in SPF keep your skin protected and healthy throughout the season. Try the latest Power of 3 product – it provides three easy steps to a flawless face that also comes with a complimentary Magic Mitt!

Maintain the Natural Silky Shine: Save your hair from the frizz and curls of the Bermuda humidity by reserving a BKT Brazilian straightening treatment.  Once complete, watch your hair transform into a sleek, healthy shine even in the hot summer sun.

Summer Spa Tips Summer Spa Tips [...]

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Natural Hair Conditioners

Making your own homemade hair conditioner is not only better for your hair, but can save you money in the long run. Commercially made hair products carry a steep retail price, considering what goes into the bottle.By making your hair conditioner yourself, you keep money in your pocket, and the harsh and possible toxic chemicals out of your hair.

Beat the egg yolk until its frothy. Add 1 tsp of baby oil and then beat again. Add the mixture to the water and massage into the scalp and throughout your hair after shampooing. Rinse well. You can also use ‘ tsp of olive oil instead of baby oil.

Place olive oil and boiling water into large glass bottle or jar with a lid. After the mixture cools, massage it on your scalp and cover your head with a shower cap, then wrap your head in a hot towel that has been soaked in hot water then wrung out. After half an hour shampoo your hair as usual.

Summer Hair1 Natural Hair Conditioners [...]

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Summer Hair Colours For Men

Colouring your hair this summer is a great fashion trend for men. Some men colour only to cover grey hair. While some want their hair to be styled in a unique way. Certain permanent and semi permanent colouring patterns are discussed in this article. These summer hair colouring trends can be adopted when you think of colouring your hair.

While making a selection for you from summer hair colors for men, you should keep in mind a variety of things. Firstly, try to choose hair colors that go well with your skin tone. Don’t go for such shades in summer hair colors for men that can make you look artificial. Something that suits someone else might not suit you as you have a different personality. Therefore, go for such hair colors which are appropriate for you in summer hair colors for men. Secondly, don’t opt for shades that are too light or too dark in comparison with your actual color of hair. Moreover, such hair colors don’t sick well on your hair due to the strength of natural pigments in your hair.

Summer Hair Colours For Men Summer Hair Colours For Men


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Easy Ways to Drink More Water

Water is essential for living a healthy lifestyle. It helps to keep your body hydrated and contains zero calories. Water also purges harmful toxins out of your system and keeps your skin looking youthful. Your body will function better as you increase your water intake.

Carry it with you
If it’s handy, you’re more likely to drink it. So keep a water bottle with you at all times. You’ll have something to drink while you’re at home, in the car, at work or running errands. No more trips to the vending machine for a soda! You can quench your thirst with water from your own bottle.

Take a break
Make a commitment that every time you see a water fountain or water cooler, you’ll stop to take a long drink. Even if you only stop a few times a day, those short breaks could add up to a glass of water.

Take a break Easy Ways to Drink More Water [...]

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Fat Burning Foods For Men

Fitness is important and beneficial to a man’s health. Burning fat can help a man maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. While exercise is essential to burning fat, a healthy and properly balanced diet is important as well. There are many foods that men can eat that actually burn fat.

Hot Peppers
One fat burning food for men that will speed up your metabolism, is hot peppers. According to researchers at Laval University, in Canada, this is due to the chemical capsaicin. Capsaicin is found in jalapeno and cayenne peppers. This chemical provides temporary stimulus to your body, releasing stress hormones. This amps up your metabolism, causing calories to burn.

High fiber, whole-grain cereal is a great fat burning food option, for breakfast or a snack. Another Purdue University study found that replacing a meal with a portion controlled serving of cereal may help weight loss. The study included 2/3 cup of skim milk and a 100 calorie serving of fruit with the cereal serving. Other research shows that men who increased their consumption of whole grain, were less likely to gain weight over time. Whole-grain cereals also provide fiber, nutrition and a sense of fullness, making it a decent diet food choice.

 Fat Burning Foods For Men [...]

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Side Effects of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are corrective plastic discs that are inserted on the eye’s cornea to correct the wearer’s vision. In some instances, people use contact lenses for cosmetic purposes, such as changing their eye color from, for example, gray to blue. Contact lenses have the same function as eyeglasses. Unlike eyeglasses, however, they are worn directly on the eye, are lightweight and almost invisible. Some side effects are occasionally associated with use of contact lenses.

Dry Eyes
One common side effect of wearing contact lenses is developing dry eyes. This condition results from having insufficient tears. Dry eyes can occur in wearers of soft and hard contact lenses, alike. People with dry eyes might experience symptoms such as the eyes feeling hot, a sensation of something stuck inside the eye, redness, and burning or tearing.

Allergic Reactions Side Effects of Contact Lenses [...]

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