Time in a Bottle

It’s well known that estrogen, the key female hormone, keeps the female reproductive system healthy and functioning throughout a woman’s reproductive years. Also, estrogen plays a key role in anti-aging by keeping skin soft, firm and supple by encouraging the production of collagen, the elastic fibers that provide skin with its structural support. At menopause, estrogen levels drop sharply–and women see and feel some drastic skin changes. Fortunately, there now are many scientifically tested ingredients that can both reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore the skin’s luster and softness to its pre-menopausal, youthful look and feel.

The fountain of youth

Estrogen is a powerhouse within the female body. It brings on puberty, regulates the menstrual cycle, preserves bone density, keeps hair full and healthy, maintains body temperature and helps regulate cholesterol levels. It also helps the skin produce collagen.

cream Time in a Bottle [...]

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The Ultimate Spa Manicure Treatment

Step 1: Cleanse. Ask the client to wash hands with a mild revitalizing cleanser. For a water-based manicure, put a small amount of the cleanser into a soaking dish, fill with warm water, and agitate to mix and create a light foam. Soak the fingertips for 3–5 minutes.

Step 2: Shape. Remove hands from the soak, and dry with a towel. Shape and smooth the nail?s free edge with a 240-grit abrasive emery board.

Step 3: Cuticle care. Apply a cuticle remover to help eliminate stubborn cuticles from the nail plate. Gently slide a cuticle pusher along the nail plate to loosen the cuticle. Rinse hands thoroughly and towel dry. Create a moisture pack for the nail plate and surrounding tissue by massaging a dot of AHA cuticle cream and cuticle oil into each nail.

The Ultimate Spa Manicure Treatment1 The Ultimate Spa Manicure Treatment [...]

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Top 10 Beauty Products

There are always those specific beauty products that made my heart aflutter. And let me tell you, it takes alot for a product to do that. Call it being in the business and seen this, done that, or just being tired of the overall hype of a miracle product that just does NOT do what it says it will. These are the products that I take my hat off (or wash my face)for! Some are new, some are not…….

So here are my personal all time Top 10 fav beauty products.

1. Sebastian’s Potion 7
Call it a styling cream, a hair moisturizer,hand conditioner, cuticle saver….this amazingly moist cream saves my ‘colored to within a life of itself’ hair. And yes, I do think it’s better than the infamous Khiel’s Silk Groom. Richer, and a little goes a LONG way. You can apply on damp hair as a conditioner, dry hair has a texturizer, curl enhancer, dryness-flyaway zapper. And the best part, you can reapply with no stickiness or buildup, at a much cheaper price.

Moisturizing Hair Top 10 Beauty Products


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Beauty on a Budget

I don’t know anyone, male or female, who is completely satisfied with the way he or she looks.

Over-weight, under-weight, thin hair, curly hair, straight hair, thick hair, dry skin, oily skin — the list is endless. And yet most of these people are very attractive, and to many others, their perceived flaws aren’t even noticeable.

Physical beauty is of paramount importance in our society. It’s a quest that’s created a multi-billion dollar industry, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a magazine or television program that doesn’t have at least one or two ads aimed directly at exploiting our vulnerability. In fact, the sale of a lot of those products depends on our having a rather poor self-image. And a lot of very talented people are paid vast sums of money to tap into our insecurities.

If you’re looking to save some money in the cosmetic and grooming department, you may want to start by changing the way you think about your looks. There’s nothing wrong with a realistic self-assessment, but many of us tend to obsess about the negative, when maybe what we really should do is accentuate the positive.

Beauty on a Budget Beauty on a Budget [...]

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That Tropical Feeling…..

Ever wanted to bring some of that tropical feeling into your home? When you just can’t get away for a vacation, or even a quick break, some quick and relatively inexpensive ways to turn your home into a caribbean paradise may not be as hard has it looks.

So I turn my thoughts to warm tropical breezes, a Mai Tai by the beach, coconut suntan oil, flirty little sun dresses, (hey, a girl can dream can’t she?). And started my plan to turn my little apartment into a weekend oasis.

Experts say that a certain scent can provoke an age old memory. The smell of apple pie baking can bring you back to your grandmother’s porch. The scent of roses can make you remember the first dozen roses you got from your first love…….So, maybe we can make scents provoke the memory of a Bahama’s vacation. To make my home and my soul a tropical paradise for at least one day.

Only one problem.

I’ve never been to the Bahama’s.

Beach Beauty That Tropical Feeling.....


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The Supreme Importance of a Model

This article is about the importance of a model in enhancing our beauty. By the term “model,” I am not referring to a professional fashion model. Rather, I am simply referring to anyone that we think is attractive – be it a professional movie star or the person next door.

Take a moment and try to think of some of the people that you have found to be most attractive to you in your life. Once you have identified these people, try to learn as much as you can about them. Examine the details of their appearance and their actions. Spend some time trying to analyze what it is about each person that makes them attractive to you. Then, simply try to incorporate those features into your self. Now, I did not say copy those features and try to become something that you are not. Rather, I said “incorporate” those features into who you are. Who we are, as people, depends on the choices we make. If we see some feature that we like in another person, we are perfectly free to choose to make that feature a part of who we are.

professional fashion model The Supreme Importance of a Model


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Making The Most Of Those Lashes

Looking for a fast way to get fantastic eyelashes?  Well, having the best mascara in the world doesn’t hurt, but if you’re like me, you know that mascara can be the hardest product to find.  My favorites in my pro-kit are Lancome’s Aquacilsfor that amazing fake eyelashes look,and the newer Maybelline ‘Full ‘n Soft’ for a great cheap copy-cat of the Lancome. Other great ones are Loreal Voluminous and Clinique and Aveda for great non-waterproof brands.

Well, finding the great mascara is one thing, but application is another. Hmm, do I hear’tricks of the trade’? Well, here you go!  The best instant lash plumper around is loose powder.  Yep, you heard me.  Before you apply mascara, dust on loose powder lightly over lashes, (the easiest way is with a finger tip, or a small eye shadow brush).  Apply less than you think you need. Don’t clump it on, just a light dusting so your lashes look pale. Then apply your regular mascara on top.  Usually once is enough, but you can also do this between coats of mascara as well. What you get is a thicker lash look with the powder. Works great in a flash.

lashes Making The Most Of Those Lashes


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Airbrush Makeup

As a professional makeup artist, you’re finding it harder to ignore the ‘airbrush makeup’ craze that’s going on. Personally I tried it few years back and found it harder, bulkier, heavier and not as much fun as actual makeup application. But, due to all the demand, I’m trying my hand at it again.


1. Paasche “H” – A single-action airbrush, the air is always on, meaning that the spray action is always on. You push down, it sprays. It’s a very easy tool to get used too, and I’m finding that I love it for foundation work, where you have a larger area to cover, and there’s no detail involved.

2. Paasche “VL” – A double-action airbrush, meaning you can control the amount of air coming through. Best for fine detail, like lines, etc.

3. Iwata “HP-B” – Same as #2, but the Iwata is extremely fine-tuned. I tend to use this for extreme detail. It also has an attached cup on top for mixing colors easily before spraying.

Airbrushes Airbrush Makeup


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Becoming An Editorial Makeup Artist

So you want to be a professional makeup artist. Working with glamorous models, fashion designers, on exotic locations. It all sounds so wonderful, but it’s hard to get into the business. But don’t give up. Here are a few tips and web links to make your entry into the beauty world a little easier.

Brand New:
Try checking out a local college that offers photography classes, and see if there’s a fashion photography course listed. Offer your services to the students in exchange for free prints. Once word gets around, you’ll find yourself shooting with more student photographers, who may be working as assistants to actual working photographers, and so on.

The Allure of Fashion Shows:
Another great way to get into the fashion industry, is to donate your services for local fashion shows. Go to your local department stores and see if there’s a fashion board that puts on local fashion shows. A great way to break in and meet local modeling agencies and designers. Or check out the main Fashion Marts of New York and Los Angeles. Contact their Creative Services department or Fashion Office.

Allure of Fashion Shows1 Becoming An Editorial Makeup Artist


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Top 10 Makeup Brushes

1. Chinese goat hair ‘blush’ brush – from the Art Store
I literally came across this brush by accident while browsing through the brush section at my local art supply store. This white, super soft goat hair brush is PERFECT for taking your super bright/harsh/dark blush colors and making them wearable. Especially important on that photo shoot when you’re stuck and can’t find the color you want. Makes the brightest shade look beautiful. Just pick up and lightly dust on. You’ll get about a shade 5-8 times lighter than you see in the pan.

2. Foundation brush – by The Body Shop
Though I’ve been told that it’s hard to find in the stores,look through their catalog, and hopefully you’ll find it. Just $9.00, this brush literally changed my career. It lays foundation on top of the surface of the skin and applies and blends at the same time. You can also do custom blending by mixing shimmer powder/moisturizer/water/toner/oil-blotting powder/essential oils/etc. and mix on the back of your hand before applying. This tool saves me so much application time, that foundation takes only minutes to apply, and I can literally throw away my sponges.

Makeup Brushes Top 10 Makeup Brushes


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