Hair Removal Guide

Hirsutism: A Dermatologist’s Perspective
Clients can use the services of an esthetician while seeing a dermatologist for hirsutism. The various methods of controlling hair growth can be complementary, and the satisfaction of the client should be the primary concern of any skin care professional.
By Amy J. McMichael, MD

The Esthetician’s Role in Laser Technology
Laser and light-based methods of hair removal are growing business opportunities in the esthetic industry. After determining your role in this market, knowledge and skill are keys to creating a successful business.
By Wallace Roberts

Spa Profile: the Spa at Safety Harbor Resort
One of the oldest spas in the United States, its curative mineral waters and location on Tampa Bay in Florida have been attracting guests since the turn of the century.
By Lois HinceHair Removal1 Hair Removal Guide [...]

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Create Customize Capitalize

Skin care professionals should receive specialized training before offering any new services.

Ask a group of spa owners and directors what differentiates their spa from the competition and ironically enough, many will respond with the same simple word—service.

Service is critical, but there is a small number whose league is growing slowly, who will tell you something completely different. What differentiates them, they say, is that they have built their business around the individual, providing an experience and customizing that experience to each client in every way possible.

Spas with a customization philosophy may not always be the hot spas of the moment because what they do is sometimes difficult to explain, and their menus often are sparse and maybe a little vague. The core of what they do is this: they transform clients. That is why they can value their customized services at a considerable premium, cut operating costs substantially, retain staff longer and acquire clients for life.

customization philosophy Create Customize Capitalize [...]

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Eye Makeup Guideline

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. And for the makeup artists, they are the most creative and most complicated part of applying makeup.


Because there are so many components to making up the eyes alone.

There are:

    1. Eyebrows
    2. Eye shadow
    3. Eyeliner
    4. Mascara

Lets start with the Eyebrows:

  • Once you’ve got the guideline down, let’s start with how to tweeze and apply eyebrow makeup to make yours look amazing.

Types of Tweezers:

  • The type of tweezer you’re using has a lot to do with the effect you’ll get.

Eye Makeup Guideline Eye Makeup Guideline


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Types of Skin

1st: Look at your skin type….and be honest. The guideline to good skin care is knowing how your skin feels after every step in your skin care routine, from cleansing, to scrubs, to toner, to moisturizer. You want your skin to feel normal, soft, perfect, after every step.

If you’re feeling any tightness, your product has too much alcohol in it. Keep looking, or dilute it down with water.

Is your skin feeling slippery, or like velvet? It may have too much oil, whether it’s natural or synthetic in the product.

Does your skin feel raw or tight after a scrub? Too rough. You want your scrub to feel no rougher than salt. Actually, salt (for acne skin) and sugar (for other skin types) make an excellent scrub.

Types of Skin Types of Skin


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The Width and Length of The Face

LINE 1 – Face Length LINE 2 – Face Width LINE 3 – Forehead Width: LINE 4 – Jawbone Width:

The width & length of the entire face are the guideline for your actual face shape. Updated a little bit since the 60′s and 70′s where face shapes were considered oval, heart, oblong and so forth, face shapes are now so individualized, that we now consider it outdated to brand a face shape a certain ‘name’. So instead, I’d rather analyze the individual features that make us each unique, and leave the actual face shape alone.

For our first width/length guideline, (Line 1-4) you’ll have noticed that maybe one line was more prominent than the other. Did a line seem very long, or very wide? If you can’t tell either, than don’t worry about it. It’s neither!

Okay, what if it seems very long? Your ‘guideline’ for your bone structure is ‘vertical’, or up and down. To balance this line, focus on hairstyles that are emphasizing width, or focused on the sides of your face. Everyone knows that a hairstyle is the fastest way to change the bone structure of your face. Makeup wise, you can ‘create’ this vertical line by emphasizing the sides of your face. How? With blush! Focus on your cheekbones, and you’ll give the illusion of more width in your bone structure, because you’re subconsciously making one look at that area.

beauty1 The Width and Length of The Face [...]

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Eye Makeup Guidelines

Ah, the eyes. The most complicated but the most fun part of the bone structure. Guidelines for the eyes are:

Line 1. Eye shape: Are they round? Straight? Slanted? Almond? Look at the eyelashes and mentally draw on eyeliner. You’ll see it. Quick guideline? Whatever line you see, if you copy that application in your eye shadow (round eyes, round placement, etc.) you’ll automatically bring out the best in your eyes.

Line 2. Lid Space: How much lid space do you see? A little? A lot? None at all? Guidelines for the eyelid are, the whiter the area looks, the larger it’ll seem. The darker, the smaller. You decide how prominent you want it to look.

Line 3. Eye Bone: The space right underneath the eyebrows. You’ll be amazed at how different your eyes can look by just tweezing and cleaning up stray eyebrows in the area. The larger the ebony appears, the stronger the eyes seem.

Eye Makeup Guidelines Eye Makeup Guidelines [...]

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Questions and answers about beauty

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about makeup and applications…………..

Q. How do you get rid of dark undereye circles, can’t seem to cover them up either . HELP

A. The easiest way I’ve found to hide dark undereye circles is a trick we use for photography. If the skin color is more gray, use a light pink eyeshadow and lightly tint the area before you apply concealer and foundation. If the skin color is more blue, use a light orange or peach shadow instead. By using this color theory approach, it’s much easier to lighten skin discolorations this way so you don’t have to apply so much concealer. It shouldn’t completely cover the discoloration, but tint it. You’ll find that this takes away at least 50%of the darkness. Best of luck!

Q. Hi, I have freckles yet a darker skin tone (probably a combination of the Irish and Indian in me). Often, my face looks red and blotchy. My skin type is combination. What foundation do you recommend? Also, with green eyes and streaked blonde hair, what colors would you recommend for eyeshadow, lip color, etc. Also, I’m 41 and don’t want to appear like I’m trying to look like a teenager!

beauty Questions and answers about beauty [...]

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The Elke Makeup

Very well made. Excellent photograpy and sound. I had no problem seeing and hearing everything. In fact I could hear cars and talking in the background but it was not a problem. Elke explains everything very clearly. The whole video is fun, entertaining and informative. It’s a nice blend of hands on with what happens during a photo shoot.

The only other makeup video I have is from Victoria Jackson from 10 years ago. I can’t even pick out which was my favorite tip from Elke’s tapes. I’ve tried a bunch and variations on the tips (I have to tone down some of the tips for daytime – in the lab- most women scientists have built their careers on their brains not beauty- sooooo….. I’m one of the few that even wears makeup. I love using the “MOD” eyeshadow application techniques. My look can now change from day to day. I’m thrilled!!

I liked the videos because I feel I am better able to “pick apart” the fashion photos and see how the makeup was applied and what lighting effects were used. The only comment I have is that the makeup brushes by Karen are wholesale only when I checked out the web site. Is there a retail web site that you would recommend? Thanks!!!

Elke Makeup The Elke Makeup


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Tips to Look Naturally Beautiful

Don’t get us wrong, we love a fierce liquid lined eye and bold lip color just as much as the next girl, but every now and then we just want to look like … ourselves. Well, ourselves, only better. So when it comes to looking natural and beautiful we turn to these quick tips courtesy of makeup artist Emily Kate Warren. The best part? Not only do these tips help us look polished and pretty, but they save us time too!

Brows are the most important frame for you face. If the eyes are the picture, then the brows are the perfectly designed frame. So, you need to customize them to look your best.

Sleeping on two or three pillows at a time, or putting a wedge pillowpillow by Hudson – CC3015WQC/1 under your regular pillow will help get rid of dark circles under your eyes.

Exercise while dieting is a must or your skin will be too large (and saggy) for your smaller body. It is much, much tougher to tighten skin after your body shrinks than as you go.

Look Naturally Beautiful Tips to Look Naturally Beautiful [...]

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Some Tips For Buying Nail Polish

Nails are one of the most important parts of the human body that adds to the overall beauty of the person, especially women who are much worried about maintaining the nails in the perfect shape and color. However, it is important that you choose the right nail polish to color your nails and give them the best look. Selecting the right color of the nail polish will add to your beauty in a perfect way.

Brand Loyalty: Even if you start off with a certain brand of polish and find that you like most of the colors you own from that particular brand, don’t box yourself in. No nail polish brand has every color known to man, and every brand, no matter how expensive, will have a few colors that just aren’t as good as they look in the bottle. Especially if you’ve already become loyal to a more expensive brand, open your eyes and look around. Do you want to spend ten dollars to get a color in “your” brand, or get a color that’s almost identical for two dollars?

Where to buy crackle shatter nail polish Some Tips For Buying Nail Polish


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