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Questions and answers about beauty

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about makeup and applications…………..

Q. How do you get rid of dark undereye circles, can’t seem to cover them up either . HELP

A. The easiest way I’ve found to hide dark undereye circles is a trick we use for photography. If the skin color is more gray, use a light pink eyeshadow and lightly tint the area before you apply concealer and foundation. If the skin color is more blue, use a light orange or peach shadow instead. By using this color theory approach, it’s much easier to lighten skin discolorations this way so you don’t have to apply so much concealer. It shouldn’t completely cover the discoloration, but tint it. You’ll find that this takes away at least 50%of the darkness. Best of luck!

Q. Hi, I have freckles yet a darker skin tone (probably a combination of the Irish and Indian in me). Often, my face looks red and blotchy. My skin type is combination. What foundation do you recommend? Also, with green eyes and streaked blonde hair, what colors would you recommend for eyeshadow, lip color, etc. Also, I’m 41 and don’t want to appear like I’m trying to look like a teenager!

beauty Questions and answers about beauty

A. First try to determine why your skin often looks red and blothcy. Could you be allergic to a skin care or makeup product? Often alchohol and fragrance are the culprits. If it’s red from the cold, or elements..try this trick I do for photo shoots. Apply on clean skin a light yellow matte eyeshadow and then apply your foundation and/or concealer over. The yellow will cancel out about 40% of the red, making it easier to cover with foundation. We do this for shoots when models need to have that perfect skin look, but it can’t look made up. As far as foundation goes, my current favorite is Loreal QuickStick and Clinique’s SuperFit Makeup. Both have great coverage and last very well. Also try Mac’s Full Coverage foundation, which I use pretty exclusively on my shoots. As far as colors for makeup, use eyeshadows that have a bit of orange or rose in it to bring out your green eyes. It doesn’t have to be purple eyeshadow, it can be a brown with a bit of rose or orange in it or even a soft gold. Blush, go more for towards bronze shades since red/pink blush would probably make your splotchiness look worse. For lips, my current fav which is big for spring is the new nude stone/beige/honey colors for lipstick. Best of luck!

Q. I have no shape to my lips and I would like to achieve full lips. Can you tell me some ways to shape and make them fuller? I love makeup. I’m pretty good at it also. Please send as much as you can. Thank you.

A. Stick to lipstick shades that are more neutral in color. Any bright or dark colors will make your lipshape, or lack of, stand out more. Also, stay away from the darker lipliner and lighter lipstick combination. It only works for photography, not everyday life. Lighten your lips with concealer first, and then with a nude lippencil, in a light brown shade, lightly trace your lipline slightly on top of your regular line. Then take a nude brown, or pink-brown lipstick and fill in, blending the lip pencil into the lipstick. Apply gloss over which helps reflect light and also gives the appearance of fuller lips as well. To add more depth, apply a slightly lighter shade of lipstick or a soft concealer to the middle of the lower lip. That also gives the illusion of fuller lips as well.

Q. I’m looking for the one product that can do the most things. What do you recommend?


  • Definitely the light brown (or medium warm brown) eye pencil.
  • *Use it on lips, making any lipstick darker by applying underneath any lip color
  • *use it as a ‘blend into any lipstick color’ lip pencil (apply with a light hand!)
  • *for eyebrows to fill in those sparse areas, or to extend the eyebrow line
  • out, (blend through with a baby toothbrush!)
  • *use as eyeliner
  • *use underneath eye shadow to create any eye shadow color with more depth
  • *Use for evening, with a touch of lip gloss on top

Q. How do I keep lipstick on forever?

A. Forever? That’s a tough one……………..the culprit with lipsticks feathering and bleeding is the amount of wax, whether natural or synthetic, that is used to create the lipstick base. If you get a lipstick that is very creamy, and also moisturizing, it will have more wax content in it. Unfortunately, wax (in any form) melts when it’s warm, so on a hot day, or if you are hot yourself, the lipstick will ‘melt’, and create feathering or bleeding.

How do I keep lipstick on forever Questions and answers about beauty

So first off, it’s easier to avoid by testing the lipstick before you buy, to see what you get. One test you can do, is to run the lipstick on the back of your hand. How easy did it go on? Did it go on slippery? Did it ‘melt’ on your skin? How much excess lipstick did you get? You’ll probably end up having problems keeping the lipstick on during the course of your day.

Does it go on like glue, or crumble, or not go on at all,where you are dragging the lipstick across your skin and nothing appears? You have a ‘matte’ or ‘long-wearing’ lipstick, that will stay on all day, but since very little wax is used to create slip, it can also dry out your lips.

TRiCK: Try to find a lipstick that applies with just a little bit of give.

Where you have to somewhat work it to get on. Less wax is used here, but there’s just enough to be moisturizing, be easy to apply and stay on.

The best thing is to find that lipstick, and adapt the lipstick to your needs. You’ll find it will stay on much longer.

Q. My eye shadow creases no matter what I do. How do you keep eye shadow on under the hot lights when you do a photo shoot?

A.  Eye shadow creasing is pretty much in the same vein as lipstick bleeding. The oils that are used to create that eye shadow, creates the ‘silkier’ the eyeshadows that are easy to blend, or the lack of creates the harder, coarser eye shadow, (the one where very little goes on when you apply it).

eye shadow Questions and answers about beauty

So what’s the fine line?

I’m a fan of the silkier blend of eyeshadows out there, that make applications a breeze, and you don’t need to apply it 10 times to get the color you see in the pan (what a waste of time!).

What we do for photo shoots, where it needs to stay put for 12 hours +, is apply your base/concealer/powder as usual, (and to eyelids as well!) Then I’ll apply a light layering of loose powder (I like using a shade lighter than the skin, ‘opens’ up the eye, or using a ‘yellow’ based powder to help calm down capillaries and red tones in the eyelid), and apply it on the entire eyelid area (from lash to eyebrows) with a flat damp eye shadow brush. Usually the larger the eye shadow brush, the better. Let dry. (Or, for another variation, you can apply the powder with a dry brush over the eyelid, and then mist the eyelids with a spritz of toner or water……..which ever you prefer. They both produce the same effect.)

Make sure the eyelid stays closed while drying, so you don’t crease the powder. Once dry, you’ve created a ‘base’ for eye shadow to ‘stick to’. Powder sticks better to powder (as opposed to bare skin, or liquid, as in foundation or concealer). By applying the loose powder wet, that first layer of powder will stick to the skin better. Then apply your eye shadow color over, which then sticks to the powder better. Make sense? It’s one more step to do, but well worth it.

Once your eye shadow is on, then either mist the eye area (again………) and you’ll get a softer, more real version of the colors. Or apply loose powder over instead (with a large clean blush brush) and you’ll get a matte version of your eye color. Viola, it’ll stay on all day.

Sometimes, we even go so far as applying all the eye shadow colors wet, let dry, and it lasts forever. Down side is, the colors will go on clearer, more see-through (cool if that’s what you want). Just don’t get caught in a rainstorm, or a flood of tears. It’ll come right off…………….

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