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Skin Care Tips

We are often asked if Emu oil will make stretch marks disappear. Some folks have told us their stretch marks have drastically improved by using pure Emu oil. We cannot guarantee your stretch marks will go away….it depends on the age of the marks, etc. It may help with discoloration, but it all depends on your body chemistry. If you are pregnant and wanting to help reduce the onset or expansion of stretch marks, we would recommend apply emu oil to any suspect areas as preventive maintenance – 3 times a day.

Some folks have reported a reduction in age spots with our emu oil products. We had one customer tell us she had moles removed from her face and immediately began putting pure emu oil on the wound. When she went back to the Dr. for her check-up, he could not believe how well healed her incisions were. Likewise, this customer reported no scarring appeared on her face after it was completely healed.

Skin Care Tips Skin Care Tips

Since Emu oil is a tissue nutrient, it can also be used to help feed the skin when damaged – such as for burns, insect bites, scratches, cuts, etc. Always, always be sure to clean any wounds well with an anti-bacterial product.

As mentioned elsewhere on our web site, we cannot make any medical claims regarding Emu oil. Always check with your physician when it comes to medical ailments.

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