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Summer Makeup


An easy-to-wear, easy-to-repair hot weather make-up.

DAY: In summer, wear your natural tan with just a little moisturizer, a sunscreen and a blusher. If you use foundation, apply it as thinly as possible.

Press powder into it carefully, then press a piece of cotton wool (wrung out in cold water) all over your face to remove excess powder and set your make-up. Also prevents a make-up build-up when you touch up during the day with your compact.

Add a glow to your skin with a liquid, cream or gel blusher.

Use a sandy, natural or mushroom colored powder or non-crease cream shadow over your eyelids. Emphasize the socket line with a brown pencil, blending this in with your fingertip. Use the same pencil to draw a fine line through the upper and lower lashes. Add waterproof mascara and a bright lip color.

191 Summer Makeup

NIGHT: Give your summer face a quick lift with silver or gold highlighter on your eyelids, brow bones, cheek bones and the tip of your chin. Use lots of dark red gloss, even a beauty spot or two, to draw attention to a bright eye or a pretty mouth.


Color is the key to a lovely day and night face.

DAY: Use two colored eyeshadow in a different way for this make-up. Pick either two toning shadows or a neutral shade and a color to match your dress. Apply the lighter eyeshadow from the inner corner of your upper lid to the center, and use the darker shadow from the center to the outer edge of the upper lid, continuing a little way underneath the eye. Blend all the edges with care, winging the shadow away towards your temples.

NIGHT: Draw a line of colored pencil (to match your eyes or clothes) along the lower eyelid. Try the same two-toned effect you used on your eyes, to make up your mouth. Apply a darker shade of lip color on your upper lip and a lighter shade on your lower lip. Lovely!


Two   ways   for   anyone   to look pretty,  any time, with the minimum of make-up.


coloring (1):

92 Summer Makeup

Keep your skin golden and lustrous using a makeup pencil in a golden russet shade to do your entire face. Draw the pencil on to cheeks, lips, around your eyes and up to your temples, and blend all the lines to a soft glow.

Put a little apricot highlighter below your brow bone, on your cheek bones and eyelids. Finish with lots of dark brown mascara on lashes, a good gloss on your lips. In the evening, add an eyeshadow color on your eyelids to match your dress, and use a brighter lipstick.


coloring (2):

If you have the remains of a tan, you need a make-up pencil in a fairly strong color — bright plum or coral — to achieve a one-color make-up. Apply pencil to cheeks, eye sockets, temples and chin.

Blend to a soft glow, and choose a creamy or gold frosted highlighter to put on your brow bones and cheeks. At night you could use a kohl pencil in dark brown, black or navy blue to emphasize  your eyes, and a coat or two of matching mascara.

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