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Notes on Beauty

The latest (but not necessarily the newest) look for cheeks is dewy,and cream blush is back. You’ll find a lot of new formulations so that colors go on softer, not so heavy or sticky as you may have remembered in the 70′s. For the easiest application, apply your foundation and concealer as normal, then skip [...]

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Hair Removal Guide

Hirsutism: A Dermatologist’s Perspective Clients can use the services of an esthetician while seeing a dermatologist for hirsutism. The various methods of controlling hair growth can be complementary, and the satisfaction of the client should be the primary concern of any skin care professional. By Amy J. McMichael, MD The Esthetician’s Role in Laser Technology [...]

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Eye Makeup Guideline

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. And for the makeup artists, they are the most creative and most complicated part of applying makeup. Why? Because there are so many components to making up the eyes alone. There are:     1. Eyebrows     2. Eye shadow     3. Eyeliner     4. Mascara [...]

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Eye Makeup Guidelines

Ah, the eyes. The most complicated but the most fun part of the bone structure. Guidelines for the eyes are: Line 1. Eye shape: Are they round? Straight? Slanted? Almond? Look at the eyelashes and mentally draw on eyeliner. You’ll see it. Quick guideline? Whatever line you see, if you copy that application in your [...]

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