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Finding The Best Quality Makeup Brush

No makeup application is perfect without the use of tools and makeup brushes. So before we start applying, here are a few tips on how to find the most perfect Makeup Brush. Finding The Best Quality Makeup Brush When looking for a makeup brush, make sure it passes this criteria before spending your money. First [...]

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Guideline of Makeup Color

The Opposite Color Theory is one of the strongest theories that I use when doing makeup. And I find that it is one of the least known by women across the country. This theory alone can simplify makeup techniques like you wouldn’t believe. The concept is, that by applying the theory of the color wheel [...]

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Top 10 Beauty Products

There are always those specific beauty products that made my heart aflutter. And let me tell you, it takes alot for a product to do that. Call it being in the business and seen this, done that, or just being tired of the overall hype of a miracle product that just does NOT do what [...]

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Airbrush Makeup

As a professional makeup artist, you’re finding it harder to ignore the ‘airbrush makeup’ craze that’s going on. Personally I tried it few years back and found it harder, bulkier, heavier and not as much fun as actual makeup application. But, due to all the demand, I’m trying my hand at it again. Airbrushes: 1. [...]

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Becoming An Editorial Makeup Artist

So you want to be a professional makeup artist. Working with glamorous models, fashion designers, on exotic locations. It all sounds so wonderful, but it’s hard to get into the business. But don’t give up. Here are a few tips and web links to make your entry into the beauty world a little easier. Brand [...]

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Fall Makeup For Beauty

Want the quick version of what’s going to be the hot makeup for fall? The looks may seem slightly similar to the last few years, and that’s because they pretty much are. Here are some ways to update your look, the easy and painless way. Looks for Fall 2012 pretty much centered around either the [...]

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How to Look…..Cool as Ice

Cool ways to incorporate white and shimmer into your makeup……Getting a little bored with that same ole shimmer on the brow bone look? Here’s some new cool ways to wear shimmers and white shades. 1. Have a old shimmer silver lipstick? You know, from the 60′s and from about 6 years ago when they were [...]

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Perfect Beauty Cosmetics

Here are my top wishes when it comes to buying makeup. 1. Foundation The right foundation will even out your skin tone and give you the appearance of flawless skin. But you have to do it right, otherwise you risk looking like a … clown. Follow these steps for a flawless complexion. 2. Concealer It [...]

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Best Beauty Products For Travel

Well, not exactly specific products, but things I REALLY didn’t need to bring: Perfume:  The Aveda Aroma-Mist spray can also be used as perfume, and a great way to scent your hair as well. Just one less thing to pack. Bottles of Shampoo/Conditioner:  Arrgh, are these the heaviest things to carry or what?  Forget it, [...]

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QUiCK Makeup Tips

With life getting more hectic with every passing day, I’m always tring to find ways to make makeup time in the morning go quick and easy. Hmmm, quick and easy can be crazy sometimes, especially when trying to wade through that mini mall I call my makeup dresser sometimes. So what I’ve done is create [...]

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