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Skin Care Tips

We are often asked if Emu oil will make stretch marks disappear. Some folks have told us their stretch marks have drastically improved by using pure Emu oil. We cannot guarantee your stretch marks will go away….it depends on the age of the marks, etc. It may help with discoloration, but it all depends on [...]

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Beauty, Posture and Self-esteem

Mary Jones, a new client, enters your salon for the first time. She is professional, reasonably attractive and has the usual concerns about her skin. But you can’t help notice she has poor posture. Perhaps, like many American women, she has an exaggerated negative image of her body. Her poor posture makes her look heavier [...]

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Types of Skin

1st: Look at your skin type….and be honest. The guideline to good skin care is knowing how your skin feels after every step in your skin care routine, from cleansing, to scrubs, to toner, to moisturizer. You want your skin to feel normal, soft, perfect, after every step. If you’re feeling any tightness, your product [...]

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Questions and answers about beauty

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about makeup and applications………….. Q. How do you get rid of dark undereye circles, can’t seem to cover them up either . HELP A. The easiest way I’ve found to hide dark undereye circles is a trick we use for photography. If the skin color is more gray, use [...]

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Five Steps For Youthful Skin

We all have a desire that we should look young even when we age. Until 30s, our skin looks young and fresh; but after that, our appearance tends to progressively decline from young to old. You were always on the quest for that magical potion that would guarantee eternal youth. Wear sunscreen You hear it [...]

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Honey Skin Care Benefits

Honey contains powerful antioxidants which fight free radicals and reverse aging. Free radicals are everywhere – in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and even the sunlight we love so much. Every moment, the body absorbs oxygen and turns it into energy in a process called oxidation. This process also releases free radicals. [...]

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Natural Beauty Tips for Teenagers

Many teenage girls develop an interest in beauty tips and products that will enhance their overall style. From hair to makeup to skin care, teens want to do what they can to keep up with looks that are trendy without having to break the bank with designer products. What many teens do not know, however, [...]

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Essential Summer Beauty Tips

Summer is a great time to relax, take advantage of the warm weather, and of course, show off a beautiful summer glow. Keeping your hair, skin, nails and body looking great all summer long is easy with a few tips. While enjoying the nice weather, consider the following beauty tips to stay looking fresh and [...]

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Black Women Beauty Tips

Black is beautiful. Here are a few beauty tips for black women, because black beauties are forever! Black is beautiful, elegant and bold. Black beauties have a charm like no one else. Their distinctive hair and glossy complexion allows them to experiment much than their imagination. If Tyra Banks, the sensuous black model can carry [...]

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Best Skin Care Routine

It can be really confusing to know what to do to get amazing skin. This guide will outline a simple routine & discuss the best products to use.This guide is best for oily/spot prone skin, but you could adapt it for dry or combination-type skin. Cleansing –In summer, when my skin’s at its peak of [...]

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