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The Beauty Tools

Make-up is an art, and like any artist, a woman should have a few necessary tools — brushes, applicators and so on — to enable her to apply her cosmetics quickly, easily and well.

There are brushes and applicators for everything, and we have prepared a useful guide to the most necessary, with tips on how to use them correctly.

Wash brushes and applicators daily if necessary, using warm soapy water.

Rinse well in clear water or swirl them in plain water to simply remove excess make-up.

Allow them to dry overnight, in readiness for the next day’s use. Brushes with tapered tips should be shaped while wet and allowed to dry to a point so that they retain their shape.

Beauty is based upon cleanliness, and with clean tools, the right cosmetics and a clean face, you’re off to a flying start.

48 The Beauty ToolsSome Beauty Tools :

A soft rubber-tipped stick puts kohl along inside rim of lower eyelid. Draw line, blink three or four times, and the kohl will smudge along inner rim, tinting whites with blue.

A blending brush will even out colors on the skin; where blusher meets contour lines, blend all into one even color. Use it to set make-up with translucent loose powder.

Use a flat-tipped sable brush to blend eye colors first put on with a sponge. If the sponge itself is dampened, then applied to eye colors, the color will appear more intense.

The sponge-tipped applicator glides powder shadow across eyelids in a well-defined line. Use it on under-eye area when you want a clear band of color, not just a line.

A lip brush is vital to draw a fine edge on the lips — not even a pencil gives as good an edge. Fill in mouth with color, using the brush, and apply lip gloss with it too.

Shape brow with a firm, narrow brush, brushing upward, then along the top, arching it on the bone. Thicken brow with short pencil strokes; thin out with tweezers to shape.

Use the opposite side of the brow brush to separate both upper and lower eyelashes after mascara goes on. Let mascara dry fully between coats, before using the brush.

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