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The Elke Makeup

Very well made. Excellent photograpy and sound. I had no problem seeing and hearing everything. In fact I could hear cars and talking in the background but it was not a problem. Elke explains everything very clearly. The whole video is fun, entertaining and informative. It’s a nice blend of hands on with what happens during a photo shoot.

The only other makeup video I have is from Victoria Jackson from 10 years ago. I can’t even pick out which was my favorite tip from Elke’s tapes. I’ve tried a bunch and variations on the tips (I have to tone down some of the tips for daytime – in the lab- most women scientists have built their careers on their brains not beauty- sooooo….. I’m one of the few that even wears makeup. I love using the “MOD” eyeshadow application techniques. My look can now change from day to day. I’m thrilled!!

I liked the videos because I feel I am better able to “pick apart” the fashion photos and see how the makeup was applied and what lighting effects were used. The only comment I have is that the makeup brushes by Karen are wholesale only when I checked out the web site. Is there a retail web site that you would recommend? Thanks!!!

Elke Makeup The Elke Makeup

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