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The Mane Event: Getting It Straight

You’ve decided to wear your hair super-straight on your wedding day. Piece of cake, right? Not always -– particularly if you’ve got thin, flat hair or a head full of curls. Even if you’re lucky enough to have thick, shiny tresses, a simple blow-dry may not give you the extra volume and bounce you need to look picture perfect. We asked celebrity stylist Rochelle Weithorn to help us straighten it all out.

Begin by washing your hair, says Weithorn, adding as little conditioner as possible but concentrating on the ends. “Conditioner weighs your hair down,” she explains, “which prevents it from staying full and bouncy.”

Next, coat hair with a straightening aid, such as KMS Flat-Out Relaxing Balm (, or add a dime-sized amount of a silicone product such as Frizz-Ease Hair Serum (available at to your locks. This will seal in moisture and keep frizzies at bay. When you’ve finished, blow-dry your entire head until hair is damp, then section it into four equal parts and secure with clips.

Getting It Straight The Mane Event: Getting It Straight

Using a small, round brush, blow-dry each section straight, keeping your dryer pointed downwards at all times. When you’re finished, add another tiny drop of silicone product for extra shine.

If it’s a modern, ultra-flat look you’re shooting for, go over each section of hair again with a straightening iron. If you want to really up the oomph factor, break out your Velcro rollers (step 5). Since they’re not electric, they won’t actually set your hair, they’ll just hold the body. You’ll want to use a larger size, though — about three inches — or you might end up with too much curl.

Starting with the top front of your head, comb out a smallish section of hair, spray it with setting lotion, spool it around the Velcro roller, and pin it in place with a bobby pin. Set your entire head, and then keep the rollers in while you do your makeup. When it’s time to get dressed, take them out, brush through your hair, flip your head forward, and spray with a light hair spray. Flip your head backwards and spray it again. You can still style your hair and run a brush through it, but it will have more volume and holding power.

Getting It Straightt hair The Mane Event: Getting It Straight

To avoid holes or gaps, use a hand mirror to check the back and sides of your head, making sure your locks are evenly distributed. When you’re sure your style is perfect, spray it again so it stays in place. When the spray has dried, add your headpiece and check yourself out in your hand mirror again. Don’t panic if you spot a few flyaways — just spritz some holding spray onto your hands and gently run them over the strays. You’re picture perfect — now go get ‘em!

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