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The Many Benefits of Waterproof Makeup

Make up is meant to make women more beautiful but there are certain cosmetics that can do just the opposite. Often women get in contact with water because of which their make up simply washes away.The best way to be protected from such a disaster is to apply water proof make up. There is a wide range of water proof make up in markets. Everything from mascara, liners, primers, foundations, etc are available to give you more comfort.

Waterproof Eye shadow -  The color will stay longer and the shade is like as you have freshly applied a color on your eye lids.

Waterproof Lipstick: Don’t trouble yourself too much about the fading, this kind lipstick will stick on even if you sip and sip a beverage in a coffee bar. Indeed, wearing a waterproof lipstick will make your lips red or pink for a long period of time or even the whole day.

Waterproof Lipstick The Many Benefits of Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof mascara Waterproof mascara is also known for not running or smudging when the weather is humid. Depending on where you live, and the climate you experience on a daily basis, this can be a major benefit.  In certain humid areas, mascara can come off quite easily due to the heat and moisture in the air, allowing it to run and smudge off of your eyelashes causing dark circles around your eyes. Rain is another weather factor that can affect mascara. Besides the fact that the rain can help to remove mascara that is non-waterproof, but the rain can also create humidity in the air which can also make mascara run and smudge.

Waterproof mascara The Many Benefits of Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof Blush This is perfect if you are a type of person who works continuously and don’t have a time for retouch. Well! Waterproof blush on will work effectively for you. Rest assured that you will still get cute-reddish or pinkish cheek without checking it out on mirror and think about a retouch, plus even if you get sweat, the color will stay fresh to your cheeks.

Waterproof Blush The Many Benefits of Waterproof Makeup

What is waterproof foundation - Most cosmetics contain a chemical called Dimethicone. This chemical allows the makeup to spread smoothly and also impart luster and sheen to the skin. Waterproof foundations contain a silicone based variant of Dimethicone called Dimethicone Copolyol.This chemical is oil -like and does not dissolve in water. In fact, waterproof foundations do not wash off with water and require a special solvent for removal.

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