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The Perfect Eyebrow Guidelines

LINE A: First, we will determine the actual line of your eyebrow. This is very important to do before you tweeze your eyebrows. First draw a line following the line of your eyebrow, from beginning to end. Is the line round, like a 1/2 circle, or straight?

LINE 1. To determine where the eyebrow should begin, draw a straight line from the edge of the nose, through the tear duct, straight up. This line shows where your eyebrow should start. If your eyes are close-set, start this line a little further out, to give the illusion of more space between the eyes.

LINE 2. This line starts from the edge of the nose, to the outer edge of the eye, straight up. Your eyebrow should end on that line. An eyebrow that goes beyond this line tends to make you look sleepy, tired, pulling the eye downwards.

LINE 3. Start a straight line at the outside edge of the pupil, straight up through the eye. This is where the highest arch of the eyebrow should be.

eyebrows guideine The Perfect Eyebrow Guidelines

LINE 4. Draw this line horizontally through the eyebrow , in a horizontal line, from where the eyebrow starts to where the eyebrow ends along the lower line, meeting where the eyebrow begins and ends. The line should be a straight one. If you find this line slanting at an angle, then you know that either the beginning or the end of the eyebrow is not done correctly. Check these 2 lines again.

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