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Tips to Avoid Makeup Mishaps

Every woman wants to look beautiful, whether she wears makeup or not. For the women who do wear makeup, many take extra special care to achieve perfect results each time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional; when it comes to makeup application, mishaps are bound to happen from time to time. Some mishaps aren’t as noticeable as others and can even be hidden, while others are more blatant, which can result in frustration and sometimes even embarrassment.

Avoid Overpowdering Having too much powder will make you look 10 years older than you really are…and no one wants that unless you’re 16, right?  So, when applying powder, dip the application brush into the powder and tap it against the rim of the container. Lightly ‘flick’ the brush across your face in circular motions to blend in. Don’t be greedy with the powder, lighten up and you can always dip back in for more!Avoid Overpowdering1 Tips to Avoid Makeup Mishaps
To avoid mascara flake-off or smudging on your face, apply a thin coat of mascara to top lashes only. Then run an eyelash brush through lashes to prevent clumpy mascara build-up.

Pick a shade that complements your skin tone and gives you an instant pick me up when you put it on. Winter is an especially good time for blush, when complexions are often pale from being indoors and out of the sun.

avoid makeup mishaps Tips to Avoid Makeup Mishaps

It’s also not a good idea for a woman with light or pale skin to wear a color lipstick better intended for a woman with much darker skin. Choosing the proper lip color isn’t difficult, and usually the best color lipstick is one to two shades darker than the color of your lips.

avoid makeup mishaps1 Tips to Avoid Makeup Mishaps
Blush Bronzer can help warm the skin and make us look like we’ve been to the beach (minus the sun damage). However, when bronzer isn’t applied correctly, you can cause more harm than good. Too much bronzer will create shadows in all the wrong places on the face and can age you up to ten years (not ideal). Apply bronzer only to the high points on your face, such as the cheek bones, tip of the nose and around the hairline to add warmth to the skin and avoid the aging effect of too much ill-applied bronzer.

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