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Types Of Makeup Foundations

Foundation can be the most important part of your makeup routine. There are many options available, and it really is a personal choice deciding which one is the right one for you.

Liquid Foundation
The basic property of easy application makes liquid foundations a popular choice among the women folk. Being lightweight, these foundations blend well with the skin, allowing it to capture the moisture easily.

Cream Foundation
These thick and creamy formulas contain oil and hence, are best suited for women having normal or extra dry skin. Since they are thick, they cover larger areas of blemishes and scars, and offer more moisture to the skin as compared to other foundation types.

Cake or Stick foundation
Cake or stick foundations are available in solid forms. These tend to dry quickly and provide a matt finish to the face. Cake or stick foundations can be used as a substitute of concealers as they effectively masks the skin flaws and blemishes. These are more suitable for photo shoots, stage and drama as they are quite heavy for daily usage.

Types Of Makeup Foundations Types Of Makeup Foundations

Loose Powder foundation
These can be used to fix the foundation and makeup in place by adding a finishing touch to it. They are very easy to use. One needs to dip the applicator brush in the powder, tap and gently buff on the face for a uniform coverage.

Loose Powder foundation Types Of Makeup Foundations
Liquid-to-powder Foundations
Liquid-to-powder foundations feel lighter on the skin than the cream-to-powder foundations do. They also last longer on individuals with combination or oily skin. Liquid-to-powder foundations are best applied with a sponge and blend easily into a matte finish. However, be aware that they do dry quickly.

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