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What Are the Colors of the Brassieres Suggesting

According to the psychologists, a woman’s preference of the color of her bra is also linked with her characteristic. This is not surprising. As we know well, a person loves certain colors out of psychological reasons. Similarly, the color of bra suggests one’s character.

Most women will hesitate about the color for a while when they buy brassieres. Sometimes they may want to try a new color, but generally they will choose the color she likes most. The psychologists say that the color of a female’s bra will tell out her character. If she loves red, she must be passionate and ebullient. If she likes pink most, she must be a gentle lovely girl. If she prefer white bra, she is willing to learn something new.

According to a survey, now 72% females tend to choose stealth bra or cuticolor bra. 8tips to feel and look gorgeous everyday Classical black or white brassieres are not so popular any more. The surveyor says that the sale of stealth bra is increasing by 38% per year. Some people say that this increase should be attributed to the influence of entertainment stars to some extent. Eva Mendes, a sexy superstar in Hollywood, says stealth bra or simple designed bra make her feel best.Colors of the Brassieres Suggesting What Are the Colors of the Brassieres Suggesting

Another pop singer also wears stealth bra on the shot cover of Rolling Stones. After a survey, a psychologist figures out that nearly three quarters women wear nu bra to show that they have nothing to hide. It is said that those who love nu bra or cuticolor bra are generally kind and easy to get along with. They are outspoken and hardheaded. They like this natural color better.

It is common sense that warm colors are able to excite people. Colors like red, yellow and orange can help raise blood pressure and accelerate heart rate. If a woman’s favorite color is red, she will not be ashamed of expressing her desires. As a matter of fact, emotional character itself is attractive to some people.

Black bra indicates What Are the Colors of the Brassieres Suggesting

Black bra indicates that she is an independent and powerful woman. Such women might be indifferent to others, but she is actually very passionate and enthusiastic. Personally I think black bra is quite sexy and attractive. Red bra is attractive and exciting. Pink and white are suitable for sweet girls. As to yellow or orange brassieres, they might be better with active girls.

In a word, the color of bra reflects one’s character just as the color of other clothes. However, when women choose bras, it would be better if they take their lovers’ preferences into consideration.

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